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Publisher\Editor Don Canaan

                       May 15, 1996 V4, #89
All the News the Big Guys Missed

Terror Victim Buried; Investigation Underway

17-year old David Baum of Har Nof, a seminary student from Jerusalem, who died on the operating table shortly after being shot by Arab terrorists Monday outside Beit El, was buried in Jerusalem with nearly 10,000 people attending his funeral.

Yair Greenbaum, who was also shot, is listed in moderate condition in Hadassah-Ein Karem Hospital. After doctors performed a thoracostomy (draining fluid from his chest), it was determined that he does not need to undergo surgery.

Residents of Beit El have begun to guard the junction at which the students were shot. The first stage of yesterday's shooting spree occurred at the Yosh intersection, approximately one mile south of Beit El, when the terrorists opened fire upon a bus. As a result of the driver's emergency stop, two women were lightly injured, one of them a woman in her ninth month of pregnancy. Doctors at Hadassah Mt. Scopus hospital found that the fetus was in distress, and delivered the baby.

Labor Working on Plan to Relocate Jews

The daily newspaper Ha'aretz reported Tuesday that a special Labor party committee is working on a plan to transfer Jewish residents of Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Golan from their homes.

The committee is relating to the possibility that the government will decide to uproot those communities within the framework of final-status agreements with the Palestinians and Syrians. The plan under consideration will allow the residents to live within "settlement blocs."

Norwegian Observers Arrive in Hebron

By Al Pessin (VOA-Jerusalem)

A group of Norwegians arrived Tuesday in the West Bank town of Hebron, the first contingent of a new international observer force for the city designed to oversee the expected withdrawal of Israeli forces next month.

The 32 Norwegians, and observers from five other countries who will join them in coming weeks, are supposed to promote stability in the tense city and to facilitate the Israeli withdrawal from most of it.

Israel is to hold on to about 15-percent of the city, including the areas where 450 Jewish settlers live. The withdrawal was delayed in March after a series of suicide bombings in Israel by militant Palestinians.

Hebron's mayor, Mustafa Natshe, told the observers although they will not have a military role, their presence will help bring about the Israeli withdrawal Hebron residents have been waiting for since the occupation began 29-years ago.

Israel's withdrawal from Hebron is now expected soon after the Israeli election May 29.

The National Religious Party is calling for the expansion of Jewish settlements in Hebron. This was the only addition made to the party platform during a meeting of the NRP's central committee held in Jerusalem's "Heichal Shlomo" Synagogue. The platform plank on expanding the Hebron settlement was added at the request of central committee members who reside in the city.

The newspaper reported that the NRP's platform does not call for reneging on the Oslo agreements, but attacks them harshly. In a chapter on peace and security, the party calls for the adoption of a number of measures to both deal with the new reality spawned by the Oslo agreements, and to prevent potentially disastrous results of the agreement.

Another section of the platform calls for ensuring the Temple Mount's status as the most holy place of the Jewish people, and establishing the rights of the Israeli people there.

Regarding peace negotiations over a permanent settlement with the Palestinians and Syria, the platform pledges that no settlements will be evacuated and that Israel will retain its sovereignty over the Golan Heights in a peace deal with Syria.

"Kipod" Solar Unit Produces Electricity.

The revolutionary solar heater units called "Kipod" (or Porcupine) developed at the Weizmann Institute for Scientific Research at Rehovot, have been patented internationally. Several large companies around the world are showing great interest. It was developed by Professor Yaakov Karni, Dr. Abba Krivos and Rahamim Rubin from the Institute, together with a research team headed by Danny Saguy from the Rotem Industries, the commercial arm of the Dimona Atomic Research Center.

The unit is made up of dozens of little "pins" resembling a porcupine, made of advanced ceramic materials enabling a maximum amount of the sun's rays to be absorbed, and preserving the "pins" from cracking during great changes in temperature. The heat generated is used to run gas turbines which produce electric power. A conical quartz window is placed over the unit to enhance the sunlight, and can withstand five times the amount of pressure that steel can.

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