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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 6fax0201.txt
Iranian Spy Arrested in Israel
Should Ma'alot Planner be Permitted in Israel? newsletter: 6fax0202.txt
Austrian Bones May Not be Jewish
Iranian Spy Deported to Jordan
Peres Sees Syrian Peace--Someday
Israeli Drug Lord Captured newsletter: 6fax0205.txt
Christopher and Peres Meet This Afternoon
U.S. Won't Buy Israeli Drones
Germany Cracks Down on Cyber Anti-Semitism
Water May Cause Middle East War newsletter: 6fax0206.txt
Christopher Flies to Damascus
PLO Exec Committee Meets in the Sinai newsletter: 6fax0207.txt
Israeli-Syrian Talks will Continue Despite Election
PLO Leadership Postpones Charter Decision
Egyptian Muslim Divorce Law Strengthened newsletter: 6fax0208.txt
Christopher to Arafat: Keep Your Promises
Christopher Tells About Damascus Trip newsletter: 6fax0209.txt
Syria: We are the Key to Peace newsletter: 6fax0212.txt
Elections Expected for Late May newsletter: 6fax0213.txt
Israel: By Al Pessin (VOA-Jerusalem) newsletter: 6fax0214.txt
Negotiations Take Place on Status of 1967 Palestinian Refugees
Palestinians Protest Border Closure newsletter: 6fax0215.txt
Israelis to Vote Separately for Prime Minister
State Dept. Denounces Farrakhan as 'Shameful' newsletter: 6fax0216.txt newsletter: 6fax0219.txt
Assassination Plot Revealed Against Peres
Likud Accuses Peres of Planning to Give Part of Jerusalem to Arabs newsletter: 6fax0220.txt
Parties Get Tougher as Electioneering Starts newsletter: 6fax0221.txt
Saddam's Son-in-Law Returns Home newsletter: 6fax0223.txt
Israel's Economy Takes Top Gun newsletter: 6fax0226.txt
Hamas Terror Strikes Jerusalem and Ashqelon newsletter: 6fax0227.txt
Auto Accident Leads to Death of Two
The Dead are Buried after Terrorist Attacks newsletter: 6fax0228.txt
Dead American Driver May Have Been Terrorist
Sunday's Tragedy Described by Child newsletter: 6fax0229.txt
Likud's Netanyahu: We'll be Tougher
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