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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 6fax0108.txt
Elections Could be Affected by Hamas Death newsletter: 6fax0109.txt
What Non-Muslims Want to Know About Ramadan
China Denies Buying Israeli Technology newsletter: 6fax0110.txt
Germany Declares Holocaust Remembrance Day by Dagmar Breitenbach (VOA-Bonn)
Berlin Jews Built Synagogue Nearly 300 Years Ago newsletter: 6fax0111.txt
1995's Top Story: Rabin's Assassination newsletter: 6fax0112.txt
Christopher and Assad will Discuss the Golan
Jewish Women Found Prone to Breast Cancer newsletter: 6fax0115.txt
Israel's President Visits Germany
Christopher Discusses Election with Arafat
Should Hate Groups be Banned from the Internet? newsletter: 6fax0116.txt
Weizman Discusses German-Israeli Relations
Gore in Israel to Demonstrate U.S.'s Commitment newsletter: 6fax0117.txt
Militants May Disrupt Palestinian Elections
German Parliamentarians Listen to Weizman in Astonishment
Israel Offers Foreign Aid to America newsletter: 6fax0118.txt
Voting 101 Takes Over Zatara Village
Demonstration Calls for End of Human Rights Abuse newsletter: 6fax0119.txt
Happy Birthday George Burns newsletter: 6fax0122.txt
President Yasir Arafat
Violence Tags Palestinian Election newsletter: 6fax0123.txt
The Future of Autonomous Palestine
Tunisia and Israel Move Toward Diplomatic Relations newsletter: 6fax0124.txt
Rabin Assassin Wanted to Paralyze Him
Syrian/Israeli Peace Talks Resume in Maryland newsletter: 6fax0125.txt
Will German Soldiers Patrol the Golan?
Will Peres and Assad Meet Soon?
Is Arafat Backing Down From Revising PLO Charter? newsletter: 6fax0126.txt
Germans Will Celebrate Holocaust Remembrance Day
Peres Denies Asking for German Troops newsletter: 6fax0129.txt
Israel Dumps Ethiopian Jewish Blood
Palestinians Stranded on Egyptian-Libyan Border newsletter: 6fax0130.txt
Barak to PLO: Amend Charter or No Jerusalem Talks
Israel to Syria: Are You Ready for 'Daring Talks?' newsletter: 6fax0131.txt
Navon will Investigate Ethiopian Problems
Farrakhan's Controversial African Trip
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