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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 5fax1201.txt
Peres Prepares to Visit Washington
U.S. Militia Activity Increases newsletter: 5fax1204.txt
Rabbis Charged with Sedition
Cabinet Minister to Israelis, Get Used to It
Voter Registration Continues on West Bank newsletter: 5fax1205.txt
State Department's Middle East Mediator Arrives
Russia: Israel's New Ally? newsletter: 5fax1206.txt
Japanese will Send Troops to the Golan
Formal Charges Filed Against Assassin
Peres Leaves on Diplomatic Trip newsletter: 5fax1207.txt
Bosnia: Proxy Battlefield for Muslim Terrorists?
Peres Starts Three-Nation and Palestine Diplomatic Jaunt newsletter: 5fax1208.txt newsletter: 5fax1211.txt
Peres May Discuss Complete Israeli Pullout From the Golan
Israel Leaves West Bank City; Man and Daughter Shot by Arabs newsletter: 5fax1212.txt
USA will Train Israeli Astronaut
Clinton Predicts a Middle East 'New Reality' newsletter: 5fax1213.txt
Is Christopher Carrying Golan Withdrawal Proposal?
Peres Addresses Joint Session of Congress
Israel Withdraws from Nablus newsletter: 5fax1214.txt
Some Syrian Newspapers are Praising Peres newsletter: 5fax1215.txt
Will Syria Agree to Peace?
Campaigning for Office in 'Palestine'
(Anglit Ka'lah--Easy English) newsletter: 5fax1218.txt
Will Israel and Syria be Meeting in Dayton?
O' Little Town of Bethlehem newsletter: 5fax1219.txt
'Zapruder' Video Records Rabin's Murder
Non-Jewish Asian Women Immigrating to Israel newsletter: 5fax1220.txt
Assassination Trial Starts in Tel Aviv
Palestinian Poll Shows Arafat Winning Presidency newsletter: 5fax1221.txt
A Christmas Controversy in Bethlehem newsletter: 5fax1222.txt
Steven Spielberg Records Holocaust Testimony
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