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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 5fax1101.txt
Israel will Receive Gas from Qatar
Does Syria Really Want a Peace Treaty? newsletter: 5fax1102.txt
Rabbi Attacked in Drive-By Shooting
Lebanese Hizbullah Transforms into a National Resistance Movement
Ashkenazi Women Prone to Breast and Ovarian Cancers newsletter: 5fax1103.txt
Explosions Rock Gaza Strip
Wallenberg Honored in Capitol Rotunda newsletter: 5fax1106.txt
Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin Assassinated
Last Remarks by Prime Minister Rabin at Tel Aviv Peace Rally newsletter: 5fax1107.txt
Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin Laid to Rest in Jerusalem
World Leaders Attend Funeral, Express Condolences
The Israeli Government: Legal Situation newsletter: 5fax1108.txt
Eulogy by Noa Ben-Artzi Filosof for Her Saba
Mrs. Rabin and Mrs. Sadat: A Conversation newsletter: 5fax1109.txt
Israeli Police Search for Co-Conspirators
US Resumes Palestinians' Payments
German Neo-Nazis sentenced newsletter: 5fax1110.txt
Roundup Continues: Internet Message Threatens Peres Death Nov. 16
What Will Happen to the Peace Process? newsletter: 5fax1113.txt
Israel Cracks Downs on Freedom of Speech and the Press
PLO Executive Committee Consults with Arafat
Argentina will Deport Nazi Murderer newsletter: 5fax1114.txt
New Israeli Population Figures
IDF Withdraws from Jenin
250,000 Attend Memorial Rally for Yitzhak Rabin
High Court Removes Barrier for Reform Jewish Converts
"Gulf War Disease Syndrome" Deciphered in Israel newsletter: 5fax1115.txt
Peres Doesn't Mind Hamas Entering Politics
Political Process Starts Again in Israel
New Statistics Published for 1995 newsletter: 5fax1116.txt
Two Yeshiva Students Arrested for Desecrating Rabin's Grave
Peres' Long Day's Journey to Peace
Peres Readies New Government
'Witch hunt' Continues as Conspiracy Unravels newsletter: 5fax1117.txt
New Book Discusses the Human Drama of Nuremberg Trials
Interior Minister Prevents Extremist's Entry into Israel newsletter: 5fax1120.txt
No Law of Return for Kach Members
ADL Visits Saudi Arabia, Returns with Message newsletter: 5fax1121.txt
Nazi Captain Deported to Italy
Settlers Accuse Security Police of Instigating Violence newsletter: 5fax1122.txt
Pollard Receives Israeli Citizenship
Peres Unveils New Cabinet
Assassins' Parents Interrogated newsletter: 5fax1127.txt
Israel, European Union and Arabs Meet in Sunny Spain
Evacuation of Nablus Nears newsletter: 5fax1128.txt
Rabbis Questioned in Rabin Assassination
Israel and Qatar Airline Discuss Developing Air Link newsletter: 5fax1129.txt
Hizbullah Targets Northern Israel
Swiss 'Schindler' May be Exonerated
Audi Cars and Dead Sea Works to Cooperate newsletter: 5fax1130.txt
Barak and Arafat Agree on Need to Combat Terrorism
Postal Stamps to Memorialize Prime Minister Rabin
Lost City Found in Syria
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