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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 5fax1002.txt
Rabin Blames Assad for Syrian Peace Delay
Protesters Attempt to Block Accord Implementation
US Palestinian Dies at Hands of Arafat's Secret Police newsletter: 5fax1003.txt
Peres Calls for Syrian and Lebanese Peace
Israelis Demonstrate in Jordan newsletter: 5fax1006.txt
Knesset Expected to Ratify Peace Agreement
Syrian-Israeli Talks May be Next
Libya Sets Up Palestinian Refugee Camp newsletter: 5fax1010.txt
West Bank Withdrawal Starts Today
Release of Prisoners Creating Problems newsletter: 5fax1011.txt
Mubarak Meets with Assad in Damascus
First Withdrawal Takes Place; Terrorists Released newsletter: 5fax1012.txt
Pull-out Continues; Prisoners Released
Skeletons May Not be the Romanovs' by Peter Heinlein (VOA-Moscow) newsletter: 5fax1013.txt
Christopher Will Travel to Middle East newsletter: 5fax1016.txt
Hizbullah Massacres Six Israelis in Lebanon
Senate Expected to Vote to Move Embassy to Jerusalem newsletter: 5fax1017.txt
Rabin Plans for Response to Hizbullah
Hebron Will be Returned to Palestinians Early
The Origin of the Nation of Islam newsletter: 5fax1018.txt
Jewish Reaction to Farrakhan
Army will Have Free Hand in Lebanon newsletter: 5fax1019.txt
Withdrawals Continue on West Bank
First Gadhafi Wanted Palestinians Out; Now the Sudanese newsletter: 5fax1020.txt
The Truth About Albert Speer
Syria Admits a Few Palestinian Refugees newsletter: 5fax1023.txt
King Hussein Praises Israel Peace Treaty
Intel Will Build an Israeli Chip Factory
Jenin Withdrawal Scheduled for Wednesday newsletter: 5fax1024.txt
Israel: No Withdrawal from Southern Lebanon
Jenin Evacuation is Set for Tomorrow newsletter: 5fax1025.txt
Senate Votes to Move Embassy
Israelis View the Embassy Decision newsletter: 5fax1026.txt
Arafat Sees a Palestinian State
Giuliani Throws Arafat Out from Party
Rabin on U.S. Jerusalem Decision: Keep Me Out of It! newsletter: 5fax1027.txt
UJA Honors Clinton for Peace Efforts
Palestinians Accuse Israel of Taking Arab Land newsletter: 5fax1030.txt
Christopher Visiting Assad
Islamic Jihad Vows Worldwide Revenge newsletter: 5fax1031.txt
Peres Defends Israeli Conception of Jerusalem
Killing of Terrorist May Bring Retaliation
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