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New Tourist Weekly Publication
Palestinians Commit to Abstain From Activity in Jerusalem
Tourist Peace Congress Opens in September
Revolutionary Heart Pacemaker
Special Jerusalem Gold Medallion for 3,000th Anniversary
Barkan Winery to Export to Thailand
Rise in Tourism in July newsletter: 5fax0905.txt
Assad Meets with Mubarak
Suicidal Israeli Shot by Palestinians
Gadhafi May Throw Palestinians Out of Libya
Peres Meets Arafat in Italy, Possibly Also Bill Gates newsletter: 5fax0906.txt
Jerusalem Names Street After Lubavicher Rebbe;
West Bank U.S. Olim Killed and Wounded
Jerusalem 3000 Celebration Officially Opened
Israel to Upgrade Turkish Air Force Phantoms
Largest Canaanite Statue Found newsletter: 5fax0907.txt
Israel's Population Rises to 5.5 Million
Female Circumcision: Medical Experts Describe it as Barbaric
IDF Exempts New Father and Baby from Reserve Duty newsletter: 5fax0908.txt
Jerusalem of Gold Shines Over Israel newsletter: 5fax0911.txt
Treasure of Jewish Music Resurfaces
JDL-Kach Youths Admit Killing Palestinian
Israel Gives Palestinins More Control
Car Bomb Explodes Outside Jewish School in Lyon newsletter: 5fax0912.txt
Israel Proposes New Plan for IDF Redeployment in Hebron
Israel refuses Entrance to Gaza for Expelled Libyan-Palestinians
Kosher Restaurant Opens in Amman newsletter: 5fax0913.txt
Jerusalemites Shuttle to Pray at Hebron's Tomb of the Patriarchs
Peace Process is Two Years Old Today newsletter: 5fax0914.txt
Arafat Pleads with Arab League
Fighting Worsens in Hebron
Hebron Conflict Delays Arafat and Peres newsletter: 5fax0915.txt
Hebron Demonstrations Heat Up
Gadhafi Says Palestinians Have AIDS and Deadly Ebola Viruses
Palestinian Signing Ceremony in DC Next Week
Rabin Opposed to Russia Nuclear Deal with Iran newsletter: 5fax0918.txt
Arafat-Peres Negotiations Continue
Hebron: The Who, What and Why newsletter: 5fax0919.txt
Technicolor Sabra Fruit
Taba Progress; But it May Not be Enough newsletter: 5fax0920.txt
Pilgrimages to Israel Increase
Iran: Act of War if Hijacked Plane and People are Not Returned
Hebron Negotiations Enter Fourth Day newsletter: 5fax0921.txt
Hijacked Plane Leaves for Teheran newsletter: 5fax0922.txt
Iranian May be Charged with Air Piracy
Egyptian POW Burial Sites Discovered in Sinai
Autonomy Deadline Passes newsletter: 5fax0927.txt
Arafat Tries for Executive Committee's Blessing
What will Thursday's Ceremony Bring?
China Supplies Nuclear Help to Iran
Palestinians are Being Expelled from Libya newsletter: 5fax0928.txt
Historic Israeli-Palestinian Signing on White House Lawn Many Arabs and Jews Oppose Peace Process newsletter: 5fax0929.txt
Settlers and Palestinians May Square-Off
Russian-Jewish Art Exhibit Opens in N.Y.
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