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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 5fax0703.txt
Some Palestinians are Ready to Fight Israelis newsletter: 5fax0705.txt
New Finds at Massada
Israel Will Withdraw on July 25 newsletter: 5fax0706.txt
Oman's Foreign Minister: We Have Contacts With Israel
Israel and Palestinians Differ on Agreement Versions newsletter: 5fax0707.txt
Amnesty International Report Rejected
Buenos Aires JCC Bombers will be Extradited to Argentina newsletter: 5fax0710.txt
Israeli Research Isolates Gene Causing Deadly Disease in Children
Transportation Agreement Opens Israel/Jordan Travel
Avital Opens Dialogue with Jewish Leaders
Laser Treatment Can Improve Fertility
New Hope for Heart Illness Patients
Lowering Cholesterol and Blood Sugar
Preserving Ancient Mosaics newsletter: 5fax0711.txt
Hizbullah Shells Israel After Lebanese Girls Killed
Negotiations will Move to Italy newsletter: 5fax0712.txt
Effort to Finalize Interim Agreement Begin Today
There is Accountability by Amira Hess (By Courtesy of Ha'aretz) newsletter: 5fax0713.txt
Peres: Jerusalem Never an Arab Capital
Rabbis Tell IDF Soldiers to Disobey Orders
Vanunu Appears in Court
Transfer of Power Agreement Reached newsletter: 5fax0714.txt
Ross Does a 1-2 Shuttle to Damascus and Jerusalem newsletter: 5fax0719.txt
Will the War over Water be won by the Arabs? by Ze'ev Schiff, Ha'aretz newsletter: 5fax0720.txt
Peres, Arafat and Mubarak Meet in Alexandria
One Year Since Argentine JCC Bombing
French President Admits Nation's Guilt newsletter: 5fax0721.txt
Water Decisions are Made, But No Details
Freedom of the Press: Palestinian-Style newsletter: 5fax0724.txt
Israeli-Chinese Cooperation in Identifying Hidden Indications
Palestinian Talks Move to the Dead Sea newsletter: 5fax0725.txt
Six Dead, 30 Injured as Hamas Bombs Ramat Gan-Tel Aviv Bus newsletter: 5fax0726.txt
Aftermath: Terror in Tel Aviv newsletter: 5fax0727.txt
Knesset Rejects Super-Majority for Approval of Golan Withdrawal
Israel Wants Peace Talks Moved to Europe; PLO Says No
Alleged JCC Bombers May Be Set Free
Jordan's Parliament Ends Ban on Business with Israel newsletter: 5fax0731.txt
Hamas Threatens U.S. After an Operative is Arrested in New York
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