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Publisher\Editor Don Canaan

                      July 24, 1995, V3, #133
All the News the Big Guys Missed

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Israeli-Chinese Cooperation in Identifying Hidden Indications

Cooperation between Israeli and Chinese scientists has resulted in developing a new method for uncovering fingerprints and invisible stains in body fluids, including blood, saliva and semen. The Israeli police disclosed the invention at an international fingerprint experts convention in Israel.

Palestinian Talks Move to the Dead Sea

By Al Pessin (Jerusalem)

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are continuing talks at a new location this week and say they will miss Tuesday's target date for reaching agreement on the next phase of Palestinian autonomy. The negotiators have moved from a hilltop hotel in northern Israel, to a hotel on the shore of the Dead Sea -- but the setting appears to be the only thing new about the talks.

Officials on both sides say there are still serious disagreements about several key issues related to a further Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and control of civilian affairs such as water distribution.

The two sides missed a July 1 target date, and say they will certainly miss the new target of July 25. Some officials even predict there will be no agreement by the end of the month. This interim accord, detailing plans for the Israeli troop redeployment and the holding of Palestinian elections, was originally scheduled to be ready more than one-year ago. Negotiators say they have made much progress, and some express the hope a summit meeting or two this week could bridge the final gaps.

Arafat Promises Americans to Alter Palestinian Covenant

Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasir Arafat promised the U.S. that he would cancel sections in the Palestinian Covenant calling for the destruction of Israel and that he would support this position in Palestinian elections.

Arafat's commitment assisted in a breakthrough on the dispute of continued American aid to the PLO and the Palestinian Authority. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Jesse Helms is expected to present the committee with draft legislation -- agreed to by the U.S. administration and Israel -- on an 18-month extension of aid to the Palestinians.

With the help of the pro-Israel lobby and U.S. Middle East Coordinator Dennis Ross, Israel's American Embassy succeeded in encouraging Helms to agree on the draft through behind-the-scenes contacts. The legislation requires the Palestinian Authority to cancel sections of the Palestinian Covenant calling for the destruction of Israel within a reasonable time period after elections. If the relevant sections are not canceled within six months, additional aid will be withheld.

Aid will also be dependant on measures taken by the Palestinian Authority to prevent continued terrorism. Such measures will include the establishment of institutions for law enforcement and for imprisoning terrorists, and a ban on the selling, production or carrying of weapons.

The legislation also requires the Palestinian Authority to extradite terrorists and cooperate with Israel on criminal issues. In addition, the legislation requires President Clinton to report to Congress on the steps taken by the Palestinian Authority regarding the lifting of the Arab boycott.

Rabin: Price for Syria Accord will be Lower Than Camp David

Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin says Israel wants to pay a lower price for a peace treaty with Syria than was paid under the Camp David accords with Egypt. "[Camp David] did not leave us a presence in Sinai, and did not allow for early-warning systems," Rabin said.

The Prime Minister's office said aerial early warning systems could only supplement ground-based early warning systems on the Golan Heights. The statement came in response to a proposal published in a Syrian newspaper to establish aerial early-warning systems. "If the Syrians want an agreement, they will have no choice but to compromise on this point, because Israel will in no waycompromise on this issue," said the Prime Minister's office. Israel is also still objecting to third-party administration of early-warning systems.

Argentinean Officials Deny Nuclear Sales to Syria

Argentinean Foreign Ministry officials said their country is not attempting to sell a nuclear reactor to Syria. Israeli officials had recently expressed their concern about reports that Argentina is selling nuclear equipment to Syria.

The Argentinean source explained that a 1992 law made it illegal to sell nuclear equipment to states that have not signed the Argentinean convention for nuclear cooperation. The sources confirmed that talks on nuclear exports to Syria were held at the beginning of 1990, before passage of the law.

"If Syria had signed the convention, Argentina would have examined what type of equipment should be exported in order to advance peace in the region," the official said.

Burial Cave Uncovered in Highway Construction

Bulldozers working on a new highway in the Ben-Shemen-Gimzu Junction area struck a soft chalk rock and uncovered a cave, which has been identified as an ancient burial cave. Additional excavations by the Antiquities Authority's archeologist Oren Shmueli found two more similar caves nearby, probably from the end of the first and beginning of the second century. They were not looted, though there were signs that people had entered them. The central area is high enough to stand in, with cubicles on all sides for the burials... They have been identified as Jewish burial sites.

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