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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 5fax0601.txt
Israeli Survey Indicates Flexibility on Jerusalem newsletter: 5fax0602.txt
Syrians and Israelis Target Peace Process newsletter: 5fax0605.txt
The Politics of Jerusalem newsletter: 5fax0606.txt
Arafat Confers with Mubarak
Hamas Jerusalem Cell Crushed; Planned Terrorist Attacks
Israelis, Germans and Jordanians Meet on an Island newsletter: 5fax0607.txt
Christopher Leaves for Middle East
American Neo-Nazi will be Extradited newsletter: 5fax0608.txt
Sharansky Forms New Political Party
Kohl Meets with Arafat in Jericho newsletter: 5fax0612.txt
Christopher Returns to Washington After Whirlwind Middle East Trip newsletter: 5fax0614.txt
The Voices of the Golan Heights Speak newsletter: 5fax0615.txt
Muslim Could be Assassinated Because He Married a Non-Muslim
Palestinians Killed at Border Crossing
Settler Torches Himself After Eviction Attempt newsletter: 5fax0616.txt
Palestinians Say Progress Made
West Bank Settlers Await Confrontation newsletter: 5fax0619.txt
PLO says 5,000 Palestinian Prisoners on Hunger Strike
Arab-Americans Face Violence in U.S.
European Union Wants Law to Ban Racism and Anti-Semitism newsletter: 5fax0620.txt
Rabin Speaks of July 1 Deadline newsletter: 5fax0621.txt
Talks Progress Down to the Wire
Israel Leaders Inspect West Bank Redeployment Sites newsletter: 5fax0622.txt
Much of World's Anti-Semitic Material Comes From US
Christopher Against Moving Embassy to Jerusalem newsletter: 5fax0623.txt
Muslim 'Apostate' Couple Not Afraid of Death
Islamic Jihad Leader Killed in Gaza by al pessin (jerusalem)
Syria Toughens Bargaining Stance newsletter: 5fax0626.txt
Peres Meets with Arafat About Saturday's Deadline
Megaphonic Communication Links Summit and Valley newsletter: 5fax0627.txt
Assassination Attempt Against Egypt's Mubarak
Hamas Officials Arrested in Gaza newsletter: 5fax0628.txt
Mubarak Blames Sudan for Assassination Try
Peres Thinks July 1 Agreement Can Be Attained newsletter: 5fax0629.txt
Syrians and Israelis End D.C Talks Today
Damascus is Home-in-Exile to Palestinian Rejectionists newsletter: 5fax0630.txt
The Golan from the Syrian Perspective
Syrian Merchants Apprehensive About Doing Business with Israel
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