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Publisher\Editor Don Canaan

                      June 22, 1995, V3, #114
All the News the Big Guys Missed

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Israel Sends Earthquake Relief to Russia

Israel shipped five tons of medical aid Tuesday to the Russian island of Sakhalin, which was struck several weeks ago by a major earthquake. Shortly after the earthquake, Israel offered to send rescue teams to the island. Russia declined, instead asking for medical supplies which were in short supply.

Much of World's Anti-Semitic Material Comes From US

By Edie Smith (New York)

The authors of an annual report released Wednesday on anti-Semitism around the world say extremist groups as different as Islamic radicals and far right wing Europeans are using the same anti-Semitic materials. These materials, they say, are even showing up in Japan where there has been a recent increase in anti-Semitism.

The London-based Institute for Jewish Affairs and the American Jewish Committee say 1994 saw an increase in the number of serious anti-Semitic incidents. These included the bombing of a Jewish community building in Buenos Aires, thought to be the work of Islamic extremists.

Antony Lerman, executive director of the Institute, says some Islamic extremists are increasingly expressing their opposition to the Middle East peace process through anti-Jewish activities. He says that some materials these Islamic groups use in their propaganda are the same as those used by extreme right wing groups in Europe. An example is material denying the existence of the Holocaust when the Nazis killed millions of European Jews.

"One of the common denominators of anti-Semitic groups throughout the world is denial of the Holocaust, statements that the Holocaust never took place or that Jews said it happened for political and financial gain."

Sadly one finds Islamic militants peddling that idea, using the same texts, the same books, the same pamphlets denying the Holocaust as the far right. So there is evidence of them getting their material from the same sources, and there have been some meetings, some contacts between these groups.

The head of research for the AJC, David Singer, says many of these materials are printed in the United States. "The United States, sadly, is an important source for all of these groups in terms of anti-Semitic materials because of the constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Materials that would be illegal to produce in various European contexts are perfectly acceptable in the United States so we find a horrible situation that extreme anti-Semitic material being an export item from the United States, including to Japan.

Singer says anti-Semitism in Japan, a country with almost no Jews, seems to be the result of economic problems, with some Japanese saying economic problems are the result of what they call a "Jewish conspiracy." He adds that this is also linked to anti-Americanism.

The Anti-Semitism World Report for 1995 also points out some positive developments. In many countries in the world, the report says, there are education campaigns against racial and religious hatred. And Lerman says many European countries, with less strict attitudes towards freedom of speech than in the US, are tightening their laws against hate speech.

Christopher Against Moving Embassy to Jerusalem

By Ron Pemstein (Washington)

Secretary of State Warren Christopher has expressed the Clinton Administration's opposition to a Senate proposal that will force the United States to move its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

In a letter from Christopher to Senate Majority Leader Robert Dole, Christopher says there is no issue more sensitive to the Arab-Israeli negotiations than is Jerusalem. Christopher says he will recommend that Clinton veto the legislation that will compel the administration to move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

In the letter to Dole, the Secretary of State says few actions would be more explosive and harmful than for the US, a sponsor of the peace process in the Middle East, to push the Jerusalem issue.

Christopher recalls that Clinton favored moving the embassy during his 1992 campaign for the presidency. However, he recalls that Clinton also said he would not take any step to disrupt the negotiations.

Israel and the Palestinians have deferred the Jerusalem issue to no earlier than next year as they work toward expansion of Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

The Israeli and Syrian military chiefs of staffs meet here next week on security arrangements for an Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights. The secretary of state says the last thing the administration wants at this moment is to put the focus back on Jerusalem.

EU Approves Holocaust Commemoration Day

The European Parliament unanimously approved the observance of a Holocaust commemoration day in every European Union member country.

In a resolution supported by Israel and the Jewish European Congress, the European Parliament called for strengthening the memory of the Holocaust and World War 2.

The resolution also emphasized the dangers of totalitarian regimes and racist ideology. Most parliament representatives expressed the belief that the Holocaust should be distinguished from other historical atrocities of the 20th century, and therefore deserves a separate commemoration.

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