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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 5fax0501.txt
Clinton Takes Part in Yom HaShoah Remembrance
Dachau Survivors Meet with American Liberators
Polish Foreign Minister Speaks of World War 2
Autopsy Shows Arab Detainee was Tortured newsletter: 5fax0502.txt
Jordan Trade Agreement Ready to be Signed
A Day in the Life of the Palestinian Police newsletter: 5fax0503.txt
IDF has Detailed Plan for West Bank Redeployment
Radio Station Counters Extremists
The Fall of Berlin newsletter: 5fax0504.txt
The Jews, the Saudis and VE Day newsletter: 5fax0505.txt
Muslim Poll: Americans' Support of Israel is Down newsletter: 5fax0508.txt
Peres Meets with Palestinians in Cairo
Clinton Meets with Rabin
Autonomy is One Year Old newsletter: 5fax0509.txt
Israel's Peace Technique is Wishy-Washy
Swiss Were in League with the Nazis newsletter: 5fax0510.txt
AIPAC: The Iran Threat
Rabin Discusses Iran
Iran May Nuke Chicago or Atlanta
Israel: 62 Percent of Expropriated Land is Jewish-Owned newsletter: 5fax0511.txt
Jerusalem Acreage Becomes Issue newsletter: 5fax0512.txt
Opinion: The Israeli Revolution by Sever Plocker newsletter: 5fax0515.txt
Human Rights Group Accuses Israel
Arabs May Call for Summit on Acreage newsletter: 5fax0516.txt
Israel Freezes Land Confiscation
United Nations May Denounce Israel
Palestinians Jails Hamas Editor newsletter: 5fax0517.txt
Arabs Want UN Condemnation of Israel
Israeli-Syrian Talks in Deep Freeze
Sinai Border Divides Palestinian Families newsletter: 5fax0518.txt
Israel and Jordan Planning Railroad Ties
Arafat Won't Fight Jerusalem Land Confiscations
Sperm-preserving material invented newsletter: 5fax0519.txt
U.S. Vetoes U.N. Condemnation of Israel newsletter: 5fax0522.txt
Arafat's PLO Fatah Threatens New Intifada
Arab Mini-Summit Scheduled for Morocco
Last Leopard in Nature Preserve Dies During Surgery newsletter: 5fax0523.txt
Israel Suspends Land Confiscation newsletter: 5fax0524.txt
Heat Wave Descends on Israel
Israeli Peace Politics
Israel Offers to Finance Repairs Following Shooting at Jaffa Church newsletter: 5fax0525.txt
Progress Reported in Syrian Talks
Hamas Military Cache Confiscated newsletter: 5fax0526.txt
Israel to Drill for Water in Jordan
Syrian/Israeli Talks Scheduled for June newsletter: 5fax0530.txt
The Road to Morocco Brings Peres and Arafat
Israeli Relations with Asian Muslim Countries newsletter: 5fax0531.txt
Paraguay to Extradite Seven Suspects in '92 Embassy Bombing
Israel Readies Golan Heights Referendum
New Method of Exploring Interior of the Womb
Computer Program for In Vitro Fertilization
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