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                     Publisher\Editor Don Canaan
                         May 3, 1995, V3, #81
All the News the Big Guys Missed

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IDF has Detailed Plan for West Bank Redeployment

A senior military source said the Palestinians seem to agree with Israel's plan for a gradual IDF redeployment from main West Bank cities.

The official, who is reportedly involved in the negotiations with the Palestinians, added that the IDF's redeployment could take as long as 14 months.

A formal redeployment plan, named "Keshet T'svaim Bet," has already been approved by Deputy IDF Chief of Staff Major General Matan Vilnai. According to the plan, the IDF will redeploy out of West Bank cities in the following order: Jenin, Tulkarm, Kalkilya, Nablus, Ramallah and Bethlehem. Hebron is reportedly not included in the initial plan.

The IDF reportedly plans to redeploy out of the cities at two month intervals, during which time Israel will assess the Palestinian Authority's ability to curb terrorism.

"We will precede with the redeployment only when we see that there is no terrorism in the areas from which we have already withdrawn," the official said.

Radio Station Counters Extremists

By Bill Rodgers (San Jose, Costa Rica)

The sound of hatred and racial intolerance is broadcast on short-wave almost every night from about a dozen right-wing extremist stations in the United States.

The existence of these programs was no surprise to Costa Rica-based "Radio for Peace International" -- a station that operates under the auspices of the United Nations-founded University for Peace. James Latham is the station manager for RFPI:

"A couple of years ago we started to notice the programming on some of the US based stations, particularly four of them, started to turn more and more to the far right. Some of the content was more of a conspiracy theory, very anti-UN and there were various elements of racism and anti-Semitic transmissions. And that level has risen over the last two years."

Latham says the shortwave medium has become a vital tool for the far right extremists, both for recruiting followers and raising money as well as disseminating their views. To counter this, RFPI last year began its own program, called the "Far Right Radio Review." Station manager Latham explains the purpose:

"To expose the connections between some of the radio hosts and their backgrounds. In some cases, they belonged to the American Nazi Party and they didn't say that on the radio, on shortwave. So we would find out, investigate some of the backgrounds of these individuals and counter what they were saying on their programs."

Here is RFPI host Brad Heavner on a program last February, first playing a segment from a right-wing program and then explaining who the broadcaster was:

Segment: "If you and your boys will stay, I'll be down at your house with some men and guns and we'll have an OK (Corral shootout)...............His name is Pete Peters, and that clip shows his violent nature. It doesn't show his racism as much as some of the others might, but it shows he likes guns and can rile up a crowd. He was talking about a health care facility where someone that he was affiliated with did not get the proper health care and he was simply going to go down there with some men and guns and shoot them out. Peters is what we call an Identity preacher, of the Christian Identity Church, which believes white Aryans are the true Lost Tribe of Israel..."

Latham believes the US government should begin monitoring these broacasts more closely, and determine whether laws should be passed banning programs that advocate violence and racial hatred. He says other countries, such as Germany and Britain, already have such laws on the books.

The Fall of Berlin

By Evan Hays (Bonn)

The fall of Berlin 50 years ago sealed the fate of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich -- the government that Hitler had said would last 1,000 years. On May 2, 1945, troops of the Soviet army completed their fierce onslaught and secured the city. Two days earlier, Hitler had committed suicide. By the next week, his successors would formally surrender to the allies.

The defense of Berlin was maintained by an estimated 4,000 children of the Hitler Youth, plus a few thousand veteran soldiers and the so-called Home Army, men too old to serve in the regular army.

Artur Axman, a war survivor and 50 years ago a leader of the Hitler Youth, said it is difficult to explain today what happened those decades ago. He said: "We were under Hitler's spell. The Sieg Heil greeting that was part of every rally attended by Hitler had mesmerized the Germans into believing, despite the destruction of their own country, that they could win the war. Propaganda was everywhere."
A popular song of the time was: The Fuhrer leads, we will follow. But in the end the propaganda and songs were a waste of words. Hitler had lost and the Germans were scared.

Hitler, himself, could not deal with defeat and, along with his long-time mistress, whom he married shortly before the war's end, committed suicide on April 30.

His death was announced by the Allies, quoting German Radio. "We are interrupting our program to bring you a news-flash -- German Radio has just announced that Hitler is dead. I repeat that -- the German Radio has just announced that Hitler is dead."

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