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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 5fax0201.txt
Algeria Proposes Cooperation with Israel
Peres Meets Mubarak This Morning
Ramadan Starts in Islamic World
Israel Opens Cave of Patriarchs for Muslim Observance
Japan Article Denies Holocaust newsletter: 5fax0202.txt
Cairo Summit Today Brings Israelis and Arabs Together
Anti-Hate U.S. Campaign Launched newsletter: 5fax0203.txt
Summit Leaders Meet in Cairo
Israel Ambassadorial Confirmation Hearing Starts newsletter: 5fax0206.txt
Palestinians Refused Entry to Israeli Jobs
Syria Blasts Four-Way Summit
Eban Defends Peace Process newsletter: 5fax0207.txt
Rabin Prefers Foreign Workers to Arabs
Terrorists Attack Israelis in Gasoline Truck
Peres Proposes Gazan Industrial Border
AJC Asks Pope for Anti-Semitism Encyclical
Netanyahu Calls Palestinian Rule an 'Abject Failure' newsletter: 5fax0208.txt
Ethiopian Jews Allowed to Marry Without Conversion
Palestinians to Receive Special U.S. Trade Status
Arafat Arrests Terrorists
Negotiations Restart in Cairo
Peres Meets with U.N. Security Council Members newsletter: 5fax0209.txt
JEWISH PERSONAL ADS newsletter: 5fax0210.txt
NATO Tightens Relations with Middle East Countries
Rabin and Arafat: Crisis in a Relationship
Palestinian Autonomy Cracks Down on Militants newsletter: 5fax0213.txt
Egypt Says No to Nuclear Treaty
Israel Stops Oil Shipments Into Gaza
Human Rights Watch Accuses Jews and Arabs of Abuse
Palestinian Closure Remains in Effect newsletter: 5fax0214.txt
IDF Examines Plan Expanding Role of Women
Partial Agreement Reached with Palestinians on Second Phase
Clinton: Redouble Your Renegotiation Efforts
Israeli Seriously Wounded in Attack Near Jerusalem newsletter: 5fax0215.txt
Poll: 46 Percent of Palestinians Favor Armed Attacks on Israel
Arab League Discusses Nuclear Option
El Al Emerges From Receivership; Stock Offerings Scheduled
Chief Rabbinate Approves Surrogate Motherhood newsletter: 5fax0216.txt
ADL Blames Talk Radio for Increase in Anti-Semitism
Journalists Barred from Hebron/Kiryat Arba
IDF Arrests Miriam Levinger newsletter: 5fax0220.txt
Some Palestinians Allowed to Enter Israel
A View from Ramallah newsletter: 5fax0222.txt
Palestinians Ready World PR Campaign
Israel Meets Secretly with Iran
Klarsfeld Wants French Nazi Sympathizer Barred From U.S. newsletter: 5fax0223.txt
Is Syria Serious About Peace?
Could Beirut's Pollution Flow to Tel Aviv? newsletter: 5fax0224.txt
Hi-Tech Project with U.S. Planned by Israeli Concerns
Israeli Movie Success in Berlin.
Afforestation Plans Approved
Israel to Resume Participation in Cairo International Fair
U.S. Marines to Get Mini-Computer Monitors from Israel
Household Super-Computer On the Way in Israel
Arabic Administrative Diary Computer Program newsletter: 5fax0227.txt
Israel Blockades Lebanese Coast
Christopher Resumes Shuttle After Hospitalization newsletter: 5fax0228.txt
American Israelite Sued for $2 Million
Germans Raid Neo-Nazi Group
Life in a Refugee Camp
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