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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 5fax0103.txt
Rabin Orders El Khader Construction to Stop
Will Male Circumcision be Banned Next?
Ending Thought newsletter: 5fax0104.txt
El Al Cancels Flight to Moscow
Cabinet Offers Efrat Compromise
Israelis/Palestinians Meet Amid Accusations
Palestinians Mourn Policemen Who Died
Israel's Population -- 5.46 Million newsletter: 5fax0105.txt
Israel Accused of Selling U.S. Technology to China
Israel Convicts American of Involvement with Hamas
Second Shootout Between IDF and Palestinian Police
Iran Intensifying Efforts to Produce Chemical Weapons newsletter: 5fax0106.txt
Defense Ministry; Israel is Not Transferring U.S. Technology to
Peres: Cairo Talks Went Well
Peace with Syria This Year or ... newsletter: 5fax0109.txt
Top Syrian Muslim Leader: Peace with Israel is Permissible
U.S. Defense Secretary Arrives
Secret Peres-Arafat Meeting this Morning
Israel Denies It Sold U.S. Technology to China
Time Says If Election Were Held Now, Labor Would Lose
Rabin Reacts Sharply to Time Poll newsletter: 5fax0110.txt
New Dead Sea Port Planned
Israel will Help Solve Venezuela's Crime Problem
Rabin and Perry Warn of Potential Iranian A-bomb
Arafat and Peres Try Solving Autonomy Problems newsletter: 5fax0111.txt
Israel Rescues Chechen Jews
Arafat and Mubarak Discuss Settlements
Grand Mufti Explains 'Jihad'
IDF Forcibly removes Settlers
Rabin Strolls Through East Jerusalem
Woolsey Speaks Out on Islam newsletter: 5fax0112.txt
Nuclear Weapons: Israel and Iran
Clashes Becoming a Daily Way of Life on West Bank
Israel Contracts to Maintain Russian Planes
Rare Brain Surgery Takes Place Without Opening the Skull newsletter: 5fax0113.txt
Israel is Home to Over 500,000 Former Soviet Jews newsletter: 5fax0116.txt
IDF Bombs PFLP HQ Near Beirut
Peres Praises Argentine Efforts
What Happened to Qubilah Shabazz?
Commentary: The Farrakhan Connection newsletter: 5fax0117.txt
Joint Israeli-PLO Patrols in Gaza newsletter: 5fax0118.txt
Clinton Refuses to Move Embassy to Jerusalem
Arafat's Fatah Faction Vows New 'Peaceful' Intifada newsletter: 5fax0119.txt
British Police Arrest Palestinians
Rabin and Arafat Meet This Morning
Lubavich Student's Killer Gets Life newsletter: 5fax0120.txt
PLO Says Israel Discusses Secret Evacuation Plan
Rabin and Arafat Admit Differences
Cabinet to Consider New Building Regulations in the Territories
Peres: Egypt Ties Strong, Though There are Some 'Clouds'
Tel Aviv Computer School Trains Africans newsletter: 5fax0123.txt
Fax a Prayer to the Tomb of the Patriarchs
18 Israelis Killed by Hamas Suicide Bomber
Clinton Condemns Terrorist Attack
King Hussein Meets Arafat Thursday
Iran Inaugurates New Nuclear Facility newsletter: 5fax0124.txt
Sunday's Bombing Victims Buried
Syria Refuses to Condemn Islamic Jihad Bombing
Auschwitz: an eyewitness account
An Ending Thought newsletter: 5fax0125.txt
Israelis React to Sunday's Bombing
Senator Tells Rabin Don't Lose Faith
Auschwitz Liberation Celebrated at Holocaust Museum
Tree Day Symbolizes Jewish Ties to the Land newsletter: 5fax0126.txt
Arafat Flies to Amman for Hussein Meeting
Israel Decides to Build Homes for Settlers
Profile of a Terrorist
Wiesel: All Germans Should Remember the Holocaust
The Real Oskar Schindler
Confessing Your Sins to a Computer newsletter: 5fax0127.txt
Israeli Officer Under Fire for Sexist Remark
Jordanian-Palestinian Agreement Signed
U.S. Warns Russia About Helping Iran Build Nukes
Jews and Gentiles Hold Separate Auschwitz Ceremonies; Walesa
Jewish Souls Celebrate Death and Life
The Auschwitz Liberator
A German Jew Speaks Out newsletter: 5fax0130.txt
Israel Extends Palestinian Ban; Police Dogs will be Used to
West Bank Students Arrested
Auschwitz Commemoration Ends
Top Egyptian Islamic Leader Says He's Willing to Visit Israel newsletter: 5fax0131.txt
Islamic Jihad Says Bus Stop Attack Was Only the Beginning
Rabin: Peace Talks Depend on How Arafat Handles Terrorists
Syria is Stumbling Block to Continuing Talks
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