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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 4fax1201.txt
Joint Chiefs Chairman Visits Israel
Arab Murders Girl Soldier with Ax
Palestinians Receive Tax Authority Today
Rabin: Israel Will Not Hold Negotiations with Syria in the 1996
Israeli Satellite Set to Launch in Late 1995
Rabin 'Wrong About Troops on Golan'
'You Can Expect Attacks Every Friday' newsletter: 4fax1202.txt
Ax Murderer's Victim Buried
Mubarak Confers with Assad
Palestinians Receive More Authority
German Anti-Semitic Attackers on Trial
Peres Meets Pope at Vatican newsletter: 4fax1205.txt
West Bank/Gaza Jewish Population Increases
Journalists Kept Away From White House Rabbinical
Chasidic Teen's Killer Convicted
Palestinian Autonomy Talks Continue newsletter: 4fax1206.txt
Muslims and Jews Meet in Budapest
Christopher's Shuttle Lands in Damascus
World Bank Cries Out for a Clean Mideast
Mediterranean Countries Seek New Security Framework newsletter: 4fax1207.txt
Beersheva Mosaic Discovered
Christopher Arrives in Israel
German President Visits Holocaust Memorial
Joint Chiefs Head Views IDF Maneuvers
Hizbullah Bombs IDF Convoy newsletter: 4fax1208.txt
Christopher Meets with Arafat
Christopher Ends Mideast Shuttle newsletter: 4fax1209.txt
Human Rights Group Criticizes Israel
Peres Meets Arafat at Gaza-Israel Border
Czech Jews Wait for Property Return newsletter: 4fax1212.txt
Arafat's wife is pregnant
Nobel Peace Prize Awarded
Israelis/Arabs Equivocal Over Nobel Prize
Rabin Travels to Japan and Korea newsletter: 4fax1213.txt
Rabin Visits Japan: Tomorrow South Korea
Syria Warns About Israel's Attempt to Conquer Arab World
PLO Leader's Wife Reportedly Denies Arafat Married Before
Israel Sends Emergency Aid to Djibouti newsletter: 4fax1214.txt
'Shoah' Director Plans Palestinian Film
Lebanon Continues to Vex Israelis
Ethiopia Conducts Genocide Trial newsletter: 4fax1215.txt
Israeli Unemployment Rate drops
Palestinian Talks to End Today
Rabin Leaves Japan for South Korea newsletter: 4fax1216.txt
Dispute over holy sites in jerusalem
Palestinian Peace Talks Deadlocked
Rabin Meets with South Korean President
Davar: Hamas Funds Arrive Via Iran's Embassy in Amman
Ethiopian Genocide Trial Starts newsletter: 4fax1219.txt
Jewish Agency Evacuating Chechnya Jews
Israeli President Visits Egypt
King David may be Instrumental in Fall of Rabin Government
Arafat Apologizes for Police Attack on Israelis
North Korea Agrees Short-Range Test in Iran for New Missile newsletter: 4fax1220.txt
The World's Newest McDonald's opens in Mecca
Israeli President Visits Cairo
Two IDF Soldiers Killed in Lebanon: Israel Vows Retaliation
Rabin to Cabinet: No Linkage Between Palestinian Elections and
Divorcee-Cohen Marriage in 580 BCE Nullifies 1982 Marriage newsletter: 4fax1221.txt
IDF Threatens Hizbullah with Retaliation
Peres/Arafat Meet Today
U.S. Blamed for Weapons Proliferation newsletter: 4fax1222.txt
Weizman-Mubarak Meeting Concludes
Peres: Israel Committed to Palestinian Peace
Israel and Syria Agree on Formula for Talks in Washington
Christopher meets with American Jewish leaders at White House newsletter: 4fax1223.txt
Top Saudi Arabian Cleric Says Peace with Israel Permissible
Two Palestinians Killed in Separate Incidents
Beirut Car bomb Kills Senior Hizbullah Figure
Survey Examines Religious Affiliation
The Making of a 'Green' Synagogue newsletter: 4fax1227.txt
Clinton Names Indyk as Ambassador to Israel
Suicide Bomber Kills Self, Wounds 12 in Jerusalem
Syria Says Talks Off; Israel Says No
Will There Be a 1995 Syrian Peace? newsletter: 4fax1228.txt
Tariffs will be removed from U.S. Imports
Rabin Returns From Oman Trip
Israeli and Arab Demonstrators Arrested
Knesset Bans Palestinian Political Activity in Jerusalem
82,000 Immigrants Arrive in Israel in '94 newsletter: 4fax1229.txt
Israeli Students Lose Out on Biblical Sightseeing
Saudis, Syrians and Egyptians Meet
Sinai Archaeological Treasures Returned
PLO Holds Emergency Meeting on Efrat's Expansion
Sinai-Gaza Tunnels Supply Terrorists newsletter: 4fax1230.txt
Tourism Ministry to Assist Hotels in East Jerusalem.
Alexandria Arab Meeting Concludes With Demand
Syria and Israel: A Year-End Report
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