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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 4fax1101.txt
Former Chief Rabbi Goren Dies at 77
Waxman Tortured by Hamas Before Being Murdered
If Water Problem is Solved, Mideast Peace May Last
Christopher Expects Arab Boycott Will Soon End
Israel May Consider Lebanon Cease Fire newsletter: 4fax1102.txt
Economic Summit Calls for 'Contacts and Contracts'
Beilin Says Israel will Seriously Consider Lebanon's Offer
Gaza/West Bank Border Reopens
Jordan to Have Temporary Authority Over Muslim Holy Sites newsletter: 4fax1103.txt
Zhirinovsky to Visit U.S.A.
IDF Officer Says Hizbullah Attacks Up 50 Percent This Year
Israeli Newspapers Comment on Jerusalem Muslim Holy Sites newsletter: 4fax1114.txt
Cabinet Believes Arafat Losing Power
Austria May Apologize for its Holocaust Role
Zhirinovsky Says He's Not Anti-Semitic
Germany Bans Neo-Nazi Group
King Hussein Visits Israel; Signs Ratification Documents
Cholera Breaks Out in Gaza
Simple Alzheimer's Test Developed
A Reporter's Notebook: Israel's Road to Peace newsletter: 4fax1115.txt
Immigration to Israel Increasing
Palestinians Arrest Islamic Jihad Leader
Christopher Postpones Middle East Visit
Danny Kaye--A New Biography
Racism in the U.S.A. newsletter: 4fax1116.txt
Israel Turns Over Welfare/Tourism Control to Palestinians
Rabin Visits Suicide Bombing Site
Israelis Concerned About Possible Cuts in U.S. Foreign Aid newsletter: 4fax1117.txt
Austrian President Apologizes for Holocaust
Rabin: Syria Not Serious About Peace
King Hussein Warns Fundamentalists
Palestinians Celebrate Independence newsletter: 4fax1118.txt
Israel to Leave Haiti
Israel Accused of Stalling Autonomy
Israeli Human Rights Group Says Government Tortures Prisoners newsletter: 4fax1121.txt
Too Much Work is not good for Teen Students
Tomato Crisis Consumes Jewish Homeland
Prelude to Palestinian Civil War?
Anatomy of War...or Peace!
Superhighway Set to Skirt Pyramids newsletter: 4fax1122.txt
Hizbullah Attacks Israel Patrol in Lebanon
Clinton Expects Continued Israel Foreign Aid
Arafat and Hamas Agree to End Fighting newsletter: 4fax1123.txt
Interview with a Hamas Terrorist
Rabin: Sinai and the Golan are Equivalent; newsletter: 4fax1125.txt
Dead Sea Scrolls on CD-Rom
Snipers Shoot Palestinian Policeman
Small Town America's Jews newsletter: 4fax1128.txt
Israelis Prefer CNN
Britain Calls PLO a Criminal National Security Threat
West Bank Drive-by Gunmen Kill Rabbi
Hamas Hadera Bus Terrorist Sentenced to Death
Israel to Allow Imports of Non-Kosher Meat
Germans Honor Jewish World War I Dead newsletter: 4fax1129.txt
Pro/Anti-Arafat Palestinians Stand-off in Lebanon
The Mormons: A Global Tribe newsletter: 4fax1130.txt
Sarid Says Shalom Settlements
Israel Captures 40 Hamas Terrorists
Cincinnatian Jerry Rubin Dies
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