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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 4fax0901.txt
Foreign Ministry Examining Project to Bring Thousands of Jewish Teens to Israel
Israel and Morocco Establish Diplomatic Relations
Arms Control Main Issue in Peres-Mussa Talks
Israeli and Jordanian Officials Meet In Washington to Discuss Multi-Billion Dollar Development Plan for Jordan Valley
Rabin: Palestinian Authority Must Curb Hamas Terrorist Activity
Israeli Medical Team in Rwanda Return to Israel
Pakistan Pokes Rabin's Manners newsletter: 4fax0907.txt
Israel Celebrates Rosh Hashanah
Jihad Terrorists Arrested by Palestinians
Dead Daddy Becomes a Mummy newsletter: 4fax0908.txt
Rabin Offers Golan Staged Withdrawal newsletter: 4fax0915.txt
Cabinet Approves Participation in Haitian Peacekeeping Force
Message from Yitzhak Rabin to the Jewish Communities in the Diaspora
Yom Kippur in Israel
Golan Settlers Initiate Protests
Peres Sees Syrian Peace
Peace Depends On Money newsletter: 4fax0918.txt
U.S. Officials to Visit Israel to Advance Talks with Syria
Islamic Jihad Gives Tacit Support to Hamas Proposal for Single Islamic Party
The Chinese Connection
Israelis Want to Question Palestinian Secret Police Chief
Murderers Want to Return Home newsletter: 4fax0919.txt
Golan Settlers Protest Possibility of Withdrawal on Golan
Rabin Invites Assad to Visit Jerusalem
Two Israelis Injured in Separate Stabbing Incidents
Ten Arab and Muslim Countries Agree to Establish Postal Links with Israel
School Opens in Egypt newsletter: 4fax0920.txt
Golan's Quagmire Forces Israel to Rethink Future newsletter: 4fax0921.txt
Germany Legislates Against Nazis
Syrian-Israeli Progress Made newsletter: 4fax0922.txt
Arafat Tries Hamas Reconciliation newsletter: 4fax0925.txt
Rabin-Arafat Meet Once More
Likud Calls for Referendum Soon
When it's There, They will Come
Russian Royalty may be Resurrected
Gaza Strip Hotel newsletter: 4fax0926.txt
Commentary: Is Rabin Capable of Ordering Torture for Jewish Settlers?
Psychiatrist Took Child to Israel, Police Say newsletter: 4fax0927.txt
Arab Shall Not Kill Arab; Only Israelis
Female Circumcision May Be Banned in Egypt
Jordan-Israel Peace Treaty May Be Near
Rabin Oks New West Bank Housing newsletter: 4fax0928.txt
King Hussein Pits Himself Against Arafat
German Museum Tells Contemporary History newsletter: 4fax0929.txt
Israeli Supreme Court Says No to Haiti
Israel and Jordan Meet
Peres Speaks to the United Nations
Background Report on the Palestinian Economy
Pope Speaks of Jerusalem Access
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