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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 4fax0801.txt
Terrorism Expert Predicts Future
Arafat Wants a Say in Jerusalem's Future
Jerusalem the Holy
Germany Blames Local Police
Syria and Israel Both Want a 'Goodwill Gesture'
Germany Apologizes as Warsaw Celebrates Anti-Nazi Uprising newsletter: 4fax0802.txt
Argentinean Investigation: Iran is Responsible for the Bombing
Rabin to Arafat: Wait on Jerusalem Talks
Germany Applauds President's Polish Apology
Peace = Economic Freedom in Missle East newsletter: 4fax0803.txt
Knesset Ratifies Israel-Jordan Peace Agreement
Christopher will Travel Down Middle East Road
Jewish Leaders Confer with FBI about Terrorism
Klezmer Musical Opens to Rave Reviews newsletter: 4fax0804.txt
Israel Apologizes for Missile Attack
'Unofficial War' Exists Between Israel and Iran
Palestinian Leaders Visit Jerusalem newsletter: 4fax0807.txt
Christopher Meets with Assad
Israeli Soldiers Killed; Children Wounded
Israel-Jordan Open Phones and Border newsletter: 4fax0808.txt
Jordanian-Israeli Eilat Border Opens to Foreigners
Rabin Hits on Palestinian Procrastination
Peres Encouraged by Syrian Help
Hess Nazi Demonstrations Banned newsletter: 4fax0809.txt
Argentina Reneges on Bombing Promise
Christopher Satisfied with Progress
Everything You Wanted to Know About the Veil newsletter: 4fax0810.txt
Rabin and Arafat Meet at Erez Crossing
Argentine Flip-Flopping Continues
German Court Slaps Wrist of Holocaust Revisionist newsletter: 4fax0811.txt
Argentina's Flips Once More
Iran Pressures Argentina newsletter: 4fax0814.txt
Unrest in Gaza and Jerusalem
U.S. Develops New Proposal for Israeli-Syrian Peace Settlement
Neo-Nazi Demonstrations in Germany
Hizbullah Pummelled by Israel Missile
South American Security Alert newsletter: 4fax0815.txt
of Israelis at Munich Olympics
German Judges 'Resign' Because of Health
Palestinians Chided for Not Doing Enough newsletter: 4fax0816.txt
Israel Will Not Request Extradition of Carlos
Iran Takes Initiative; Sends Ambassador 'Home'
Progress in Israeli-Jordanian Talks newsletter: 4fax0817.txt
Testimony in Carlos Trial Could be Bombshell
Israeli-Palestinian Liaison Committee Meets in Alexandria
Yankel Rosenbaum's Killer Pleads Not Guilty
Reporter's Notebook: Jerusalem Reporting newsletter: 4fax0818.txt
Hizbullah Terrorists Killed Attacking Israeli Patrol
PLO-Israel End Marathon Session
Portrait of a Terrorist as a Young Man newsletter: 4fax0821.txt
Cabinet: Palestinians Will Control All West Bank Schools
Argentinean Investigation Continues...and Continues
Music: A Wayward Ram newsletter: 4fax0822.txt
Hizbullah's Mentor: America is Islam's Greater Enemy
Peres Knocks and Praises Germany
Israel and PLO Resume Cairo Talks newsletter: 4fax0823.txt
Peres: Give Germany a Permanent Security Council Seat
German Neo-Nazi Parties Join Forces
Schindler's Hits Videotape Market
Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit Opens at the Vatican newsletter: 4fax0824.txt
Cairo Talks Move Toward PLO Control
Syrians Take to the Polls
'The Politics of Miscalculation in the Middle East' newsletter: 4fax0825.txt
Palestinians Take Over School Systems
What Hath Camp David Wrought?
A Day Traveling with Hizbullah newsletter: 4fax0828.txt
Cabinet Expands Palestinian Autonomy
Russia will Speak with Syria newsletter: 4fax0829.txt
Israel Says No to Pakistani's Gaza Visit
Early Empowerment Signed newsletter: 4fax0830.txt
Egypt Offers Israel Peace Advice
Jordanian Prime Minister Believes Confederation will Take Place
Gaddafi will Celebrate 25th Anniversary newsletter: 4fax0831.txt
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