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Experts say Hammerhead sharks aren't known to attack people in Hawaii, but surfers and bathers off the island of Kauai didn't want to take any chances. They got out of the water when a nearly 15 foot Hammerhead appeared. One boater says the shark apparently gave birth, thrashing around before a baby shark appeared. Five more sharks showed up to watch the process.

Cabinet Expands Palestinian Autonomy

By Patricia Golan and Al Pessin (Jerusalem)

Israel's Cabinet unanimously ratified an agreement expanding some aspects of Palestinian autonomy throughout the West Bank. The approval came despite weekend violence by Islamic militants who killed two Israeli workers near Tel Aviv.

The agreement initialled last week in Cairo, known as "Early Empowerment" calls for Israel's transfer to Palestinian control of education, taxation, tourism, health and welfare in the West Bank. The agreement excludes Arab East Jerusalem and Jewish settlements. The timetable remains to be settled because of uncertainty about the Palestinians' ability to obtain funding, but the transfer of education has already been completed in time for the new school year.

Meanwhile, Israeli police have been staging a country-wide sweep for Palestinian workers in Israel without government-issued work permits. The action follows Friday's fatal stabbing of two Israeli construction workers. The militant Islamic resistance movement, Hamas, claimed credit for the attack, the first deep incursion inside Israel since Palestinian autonomy began in May. Hamas opposes the Israeli-PLO accord. A statement issued by Hamas bragged the assailants crossed many Israeli checkpoints to reach the construction site near Tel Aviv, where they killed the two workers, both in their 20s.

Hamas says the attack was in retaliation for the Hebron mosque massacre six months ago, in which a Jewish settler from the occupied territories opened fire on worshipers. The terrorist group threatens it will launch two more attacks against Israel before the end of the year.

The attack came as Hamas and the more-moderate Palestinian National Authority were talking about opening a dialogue. But, Hamas says it is not willing to accept the peace accord with Israel as a precondition for dialogue.

Also Saturday, unidentified guerrillas in southern Lebanon fired on the region's Israel-backed militia. That attack came just one day after an Israeli newspaper reported Lebanon's government wants to negotiate peace with israel.

A police spokesman says over 200 Palestinians have been detained so far, with heavy fines imposed on their employers. Another 23 Israelis were arrested in riots that broke out in Ramle, the site of the attack.

300 Million Indians Want to Make Aliyah
Hatikvah News Service

Members of a people numbering more than 300 million who live in India have applied for permission to come to Israel. The Israeli ambassador to India, Efraim Dubek, has asked for instructions on how to deal with these applications.

The Shinlung people live near the Burmese border and claim they are descendants of the lost tribe of Menashe. About 64 of them have already come to Israel and since their Judaism is in doubt they were converted to Judaism by a group called Avishai headed by Rabbi Avi-Chail. This same group also converted some Peruvians to Judaism and brought them to Israel.

The 64 Shinlung people have been settled in the Hebron Hills area. They were admitted to Israel by the Interior Ministry under a tourist visa which is not limited in time. Now others have also applied to the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi for visas.

At a meeting last Monday of senior Foreign Ministry officials chaired by Deputy Foreign Minister Yossi Beilin, it was pointed out that the Shinlung people number more than 300 million and one of those present at the meeting described their intentions of coming to Israel as "madness."

The Foreign Ministry is holding consultations with the Interior Ministry on what to do with the Shinlung people. If the Interior Ministry will recognize them as Jews they will be eligible to immigrate to Israel in accordance with the Law of return.

Russia will Speak with Syria

By Al Pessin

A special envoy of Russian President Boris Yeltsin says Russia will try to use its influence with Syria to press for progress in Syria's talks with Israel. Ambassador Victor Posuvaliuk made the offer Friday after meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in Tel Aviv.

The Russian envoy says Russia will use its good relations with both Syria and Israel to push for progress in their talks. According to Israel Radio, Rabin responded that Israel has long sought a direct, secret dialogue with Syria, but Damascus has refused. On Friday, Syria criticized the latest Israel-Palestinian agreement to expand Palestinian autonomy on the West Bank.

The Russian representative also said Russia wants a role in future talks about the status of Jerusalem. He said Russia wants to be involved as the country with the world's largest population of Orthodox Christians, as well as a sizable Muslim community. Rabin said Israel is willing to listen to religious concerns related to Jerusalem from Russia and any other country or group. But he said the city's political future as Israel's capital is not open to discussion.

Israel is committed to talk about Jerusalem with the Palestinians within two years. The Palestinians want the city, or at least part of it, to be their capital, but Israel says Jerusalem will be its capital only.

1937 Zionist Congress endorsed 'Transfer' of Arabs Hatikvah News Service

[The Jewish claim to Judea and Samaria is threatened by individuals who declare that Jews have no right to any territory where Arabs are the majority. If such a principle had been applied during the 1940s, there would be no Jewish State today.]

JERUSALEM--This year's Zionist Congress marks the 50th anniversary of the only Zionist Congress at which the Arab demographic problem was seriously discussed.

Meeting in Zurich in July, 1937, the leaders of the Zionist movement were confronted by the just published Peel report. The Report recommended partition of the Land of Israel into separate Arab and Jewish States. But because the proposed Jewish State would have a large Arab minority, the Peel Commission suggested that 225,000 Arabs be transferred from the Jewish side to the Arab side. If necessary, the Peel report declared, "the transfer would be compulsory."

The delegates to the 1937 Zionist Congress were deeply divided over the partition proposal. But they enthusiastically endorsed the transfer proposal.

David Ben-Gurion said that the transfer idea's "importance exceeds that of the Report's other merits and outweighs all of the Report's shortcomings."

Golda Meir said she was "in favor of transfer, as the Arabs had vast territories in which the Arabs of Palestine could settle."

Chaim Weizman assured skeptics that "the Arabs could easily be transferred in the course of time."

Actually, the transfer idea had already been endorsed by numerous Zionist luminaries. Theodor Herzl urged the Zionist movement to "try to spirit the penniless population across the border by procuring employment for it in the transit countries, while denying it any employment in our own country." Israel Zangwill recommended that the Zionists facilitate an Arab trek into Syria or any other of the new and neighboring Arab States. Berl Katznelson argued, "A distant neighbor is better than a close enemy. They will not lose by the transfer and we certainly will not. For a long time I have felt that this is the best of solutions..."

Jewish Holidays   5755/1994-1995

September  5                   Rosh Hashanah Eve
September  6                   Rosh Hashanah Day 1
September  7                   Rosh Hashanah Day 2
September  14                  Yom Kippur Eve - Kol Nidre
September  15                  Yom Kippur Day
September  20-October 27       Succot
November   28-December 5       Chanukah
December   13                  Fast of Tevet 10
January    16                  Tu B'Shvat
March      15                  Fast of Esther & Purim Eve
March      16                  Purim
April      15-21               Pesach
April      27                  Holocaust Day
May         3                  Remembrance Day
May         4                  Independence Day
May        18                  Lag B'Omer
May        28                  Jerusalem Day
June        4                  Shavout
July       16                  Fast of Tammuz 17
August      6                  Fast of AV 9

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