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Cabinet: Palestinians Will Control All West Bank Schools

By Al Pressin (Jerusalem)

Israel's Cabinet has formally approved the first expansion of Palestinian autonomy in the occupied territories since the implementation of the Gaza-Jericho accord in May. The Palestinians will not get control of any more territory, but rather will be given control of education throughout the area, except in Israeli settlements.

When school starts September 1 in the territories Israel has occupied since 1967, Palestinians will be in control of Palestinian schools for the first time.

The move is in keeping with the Israeli government's promise to expand Palestinian autonomy quickly. The plan is to give the Palestinians control of various aspects of life on the West Bank, outside the Israeli settlements, before expanding the actual borders of the autonomous area and putting the new Palestinian police force in charge of law and order.

The Palestinian authorities in Gaza have criticized Israel for moving too slowly to expand autonomy, but Israel has said the Palestinians are not well enough organized to accept further responsibilities more quickly. Now, officials say the Cabinet has decided to move forward on education, and hopes to complete talks with the Palestinians on other aspects of autonomy this week. One official says further moves could come as early as next Sunday's Cabinet meeting.

After this week's meeting, Planning Minister Shimon Shitreet said officials hope this decision, and the others expected soon, will help satisfy demands from both Palestinians in the territories and Israeli Arabs, who demonstrated outside the meeting site.

The Cabinet vote follows a statement Friday by Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, who promised further moves toward Palestinian autonomy would begin this week.

Although Sunday's developments move the peace process forward, there is also almost daily evidence of continuing friction between Israel and the new Palestinian authority. On Friday, just before meeting with Yasir Arafat at his Gaza headquarters, Peres called on the authority to do more to stop violence by the extremist group Hamas, which opposes the peace process.

But on Saturday, the Gaza police commander (Major Gen. Ghazi Jabali) told Israel Radio he will continue to try to use persuasion, rather than armed confrontation to try to stop Hamas.

On Sunday, Israel detained three Palestinians of the 247 it had just released from prison on Saturday. The men were trying to return to their homes in occupied territory, but Israel says they must remain in Palestinian-controlled Jericho until their original sentences run out.

Argentinean Investigation Continues...and Continues

By Roger Wilkison (Rio de Janeiro)

It has been a month now since a bomb destroyed a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires and killed at least 95 people, but Argentine officials admit that the investigators have not yet found any hard evidence indicating who was responsible for the crime.

Only two weeks ago, the man in charge of the investigation, Federal Judge Juan Jose Galeano, indicated to reporters that he was well on his way to solving the crime. Even though he has yet to come up with the proof of their involvement, the judge decided to issue arrest warrants for four Iranian diplomats who were once assigned to their country's embassy in Buenos Aires. The judge concluded that they were involved in the crime after hearing testimony from a mysterious Iranian defector to Venezuela who has now taken refuge in Ecuador.

Galeano's indictment of the four led to a series of fierce denials by Iran and a diplomatic crisis between the two countries that has yet to be resolved.

The bombing of the Jewish center came more than two years after a similar blast at the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires killed at least 28 people. The Argentine government, despite assistance from the intelligence services of Israel, Spain and the United States, has been unable to come up with the culprits of that crime. Newspaper columnists and radio and television commentators say the second attack has reinforced the impression that Argentina is ill-prepared to cope with international terrorism and that Argentines want no part of a conflict that originated in the Middle East thousands of miles away.

The administration of President Carlos Menem has been divided as to how it should handle the crisis with Iran and the insecurity caused by the bombings. Deputy Foreign Minister Fernando Petrella and most other second echelon officials involved in the case have been cautious about blaming Iran, despite Judge Galeano's charges against the Iranian diplomats. But President Menem and some of his aides did not hesitate to implicate Iran in the crime. They said their information came from Israeli and US intelligence sources.

Foreign minister Guido di Tella told a Senate committee Thursday night that Israel and the United States would welcome an Argentine decision to break relations with Iran. But he said that, for such a thing to happen, Argentina needs real proof of Iranian involvement and not just circumstantial evidence, suspicions or wishes.

Mossad Closes In On London Bomber
Hatikvah News Service
According to the Sunday Times of London, Mossad agents are hot on the trail of the female terrorist who drove her car up to the Israeli Embassy in London and detonated a 30-pound bomb, destroying the building.

The middle-aged woman terrorist is said to be the widow of an Abu Nidal terrorist who was eliminated by Israeli intelligence. Her son, also a member of Nidal's radical Palestinian faction, was taken out by Mossad agents about four years ago.

The newspaper reported that the "widow terrorist" was most probably recruited by the Iranian Hizbullah faction and given rigorous training, in order to carry out her assignment. Hizbullah is usually supported by a branch of Iranian intelligence known as "Department 15." The Times claimed that Israeli agents as well as British MI6 operatives are well aware of Department 15's activities.

Israeli security officials in London are furious with Britain's Scotland Yard for bungling this sensitive security operation. The Mossad was said to have tipped off Scotland Yard prior to the wave of bombings, but the domestic intelligence agency didn't take the threats seriously.

In fact, on the day of the bombing, the female Palestinian terrorist walked right by a British security officer who didn't challenge her assertion that she was just visiting the neighborhood for a few minutes.

According to the Sunday Times, a furious Israeli security officer at the Embassy ran over to the British officer and snarled, "She is Palestinian!" By the time the British officer started to radio in the plate number on her Audi automobile, the Israeli officer was warning Embassy staff and officials to go on a high alert. Within seconds, the bomb exploded and the Embassy became a pile of rubble. The terrorist just kept right on walking and disappeared into the maze of buildings in the area.

The Times also revealed that "Hizbullah is perhaps the most difficult terrorist organization for any intelligence service to penetrate. It is a tight clan of 1,000 active members of whom only a handful are directly involved in terrorist operations. Those few are often members of the same family; they rarely talk on the telephone; they write almost nothing down; and they communicate by talking in unbuggable rooms.

"Western intelligence sources say the mastermind of the London bombings is Imad Mougniyeh, 32, a notorious figure who is both a top official in Hizbullah and an officer in a special operations branch of Iranian military intelligence. A defector from the bodyguard of Yasir Arafat, the PLO chairman, he is believed to have been responsible for the 1981 assassination of the French ambassador in Beirut, the kidnapping of the foreigners who were held hostage for years; the blowing up of the U.S. Marine headquarters in 1983 and the hijacking of a Kuwaiti airliner in 1985."

Israeli-Jordanian Talks Adjourn

The Israeli-Jordanian bilateral peace talks adjourned Friday. Jordanian delegation head Ambassador Fayez Tarwaneh told reporters "the atmosphere was good, the pace was satisfactory yet the results were less so. In my opinion, we have a great deal of work before us and we must continue intensive negotiations in the coming months."

Israeli delegation head Dr. Elyakim Rubinstein was more optimistic, saying that certain issues were advanced more than others. Rubinstein added that "there is a need for involvement from those on the political level in order to reach decisions." Both parties agreed on a timetable for future rounds of negotiations, with the talks scheduled to resume tomorrow.

Police and Energy Minister Moshe Shahal said that Israeli and Jordanian electricity grids in the Eilat/Aqaba area will be connected within three months. Shahal added that the next step will be connecting the electricity grids in the central regions of the two countries.

Music: A Wayward Ram

By Eliezer Shapiro

An entirely different recording of Jewish music is now available. "Wayward Ram" is a collection of songs by singer-songwriter Chaim Salenger. Sophisticated, contemporary, thoughtful and often witty, these songs blend heartfelt and intelligent lyrics with intricate and inventive melodies and arrangements. This album is a breakthrough in Jewish music, certain to appeal to discriminating listeners who enjoy well crafted music and words, but with a Jewish angle.

"Wayward Ram" has been enthusiastically received by Jews from across the religious spectrum, who have enjoyed its often poignant and thought-provoking messages, its clever and enjoyable word-play and musical inventiveness. Salenger is a songwriter who captures many moods and ideas in his songs. The broad appeal of his music is seen by the fact that, after purchasing this tape, many committed Jews have bought additional copies for their non-religious friends and family.

Co-produced by Jeff Horowitz, a veteran of the Jerusalem recording scene, "Wayward Ram" is a refreshing musical experience. Salenger's solo acoustic guitar weaves through tight arrangements of electric and acoustic piano, woodwinds, strings, accordion, and percussion. With an expressive singing style, he tells stories of marriage and motherhood, exile and return; `hating' Hebrew school and kosher `cuisine'. In the particularly chilling song "Germany," he satirizes the 19th century German Reform Movement whose followers believed that "we will always have a home in Germany"."Wayward Ram" is available at all fine Jewish bookstores on the Jerusalem Echoes label, distributed by Aderet. All Songs & lyrics (c) 1993 Chaim Salenger - All rights reserved. Jerusalem Echoes Productions

"(I Hate) Hebrew School"

When I was just a little fellow
When I was just a little guy
Every day was sweet and mellow
I never had no need to cry
Until the day my father told me
He said "I hate to be so cruel
But you must suffer just like the rest of us And go to Hebrew school."
And I said "I oh I
I oh I
I hate Hebrew School
And tell me why oh why
Why oh why must I go to Hebrew School?" He said "It's purely academic
And it all boils down to money.
A couple years of pain and torture
And then the future works out sunny.
For on the day of your Bar Mitzvah
If it goes the way we planned it
Although it's bound to cost a bundle
You're gonna make out like a bandit."
And he said "I oh I I oh I
I hated Hebrew School."
I said "So why oh why
Why oh why must I go to Hebrew School?" Well it was worse than I imagined
All those hours of tearful prayin'
Cause we were bored to tears
Reading Hebrew prayers,
Never knowin' what we're sayin'
And that's why me and Herbie Berman
We would skip with no one knowin'
And all those afternoons at the Metrobowl Learning pinball, pool and bowlin'
And we'd say
I oh I etc. Well, on the day of my Bar Mitzvah
You know my dad was right as always
For all that cash kept flowin', flowin'
Filled up the temple room and the hallways. And I got up and read some Hebrew
Still didn't know what I was reading
And then I made a speech and it was real nice And I believe it's worth repeating
And I said,
I oh I etc. "Germany" Based on the writings of Abraham Geiger, a prominent 19th century leader of the German Reform Movement. We are living, in the greatest land
The world has ever known
And my brother,
It appears that we have
Finally found a home
In this country, where a man is sure that He is truly free
And there's never been a greater land
In all our memory
And we've finally found a home
In Germany. There's no reason to remain forever
Separate and strange.
We can shed all of our shackles
And embrace the Modern Age
In this country
Where the people are so cultured and refined And together we can live in perfect harmony And find
That we'll always have a home
In Germany. There are those who insist
With their stubborn minds
To hold tightly to the past
And they imagine they're unable
To compromise
All the ties that they hold fast,
To all their silly superstitions
And medieval lies.
How they foolishly believe in what they say And how they foolishly go facing to
The eastern skies
To Jerusalem,
Where they believe
That they'll return someday. But no longer
Shall we rely on fantasy or games
No no longer
For Berlin is our Jerusalem today
And forever
As we prosper in this land of liberty
And we live and die upon the holy soil of Germany.
We will always have a home
We will always have a home
We will always have a home in Germany.

"Kosher Food"

After all I have chewed
I can only conclude
That I'm a fan of nearly every cuisine
From Korean to the Creole down in New Orleans, But there's one thing that I must confess, I only ingest
Kosher food, kosher food, kosher food.

Now I know it's passe
For a nouveau gourmet
To say no to escargots and pate
And then decline to go and dine on crab souffle And regarding that shrimp, I repeat,
I only eat
Kosher food, kosher food, kosher food.

Now I'm not talking kosher style
With its pastrami and its salami, yeah - But I've had kosher pastrami a couple of times before. But I don't want to eat no treif my friend, And if you do well that's your business
But I won't be coming knocking at your door no more.

Now a nice b.l.t.
Don't do nothin' for me
And there's nothing nice about it no how And even sausage makes me nauseous anyhow And regarding that burger and cheese
Hold the cheese, if you please,
Kosher food, kosher food, kosher food.

Well, you can ruminate on brisket and gefilte fish and

kiskes, yeah,

But if it ain't kosher then you'll just be wasting your time. For though your mind may be well flooded But your soul will get polluted
And for you this is totally unsuited
And its a crime, crime crime.

Well now a nice b.l.t.
Don't do nothin' for me
And there's nothin' nice about it no how And you know sausage makes me nauseous anyhow And if we truly are what we eat
We'd better eat
Bon Appetit kosher food.

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