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Professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz died of a heart attack at his home in Jerusalem early Thursday. Leibowitz, an authority on Jewish philosophy and religion, was an editor of the Hebrew Encyclopedia Israel Radio hailed Leibowitz as "one of the great Jews of our age."

Israeli and Jordanian Tourism Ministers Meet

Israel and Jordan have ended three days of talks about normalizing relations. Leaders of the two delegations signaled progress in their negotiations.

Neither nation reported a breakthrough, but the negotiators appear to be making steady progress on issues including a border dispute and the sharing of water resources.

Israel and Jordan formally ended their state of war last month in a declaration signed in Washington. The declaration is not a peace treaty, but under it, the two countries have already opened telephone links and created the first of two new border crossings for holders of third country passports.

On Wednesday, Minister of Tourism Uzi Baram and Jordanian Minister of Tourism Mohammed Afash Adwan met Wednesday at the Moriah hotel on the Israeli side of the Dead Sea. The Jordanian Minister's three-hour visit came in response to an invitation from his Israeli counterpart. Adwan met with about 70 Israeli travel agents who convened at the hotel for a briefing on tourism in Jordan. Baram will reportedly participate in a similar meeting of Jordanian travel agents at a site in Jordan on August 28th and 29th. The two ministers agreed on marketing joint tourism packages in the United States. The packages include stops in Jerusalem, Eilat, Tiberias, Petra, Amman and Aqaba.

Hizbullah Terrorists Killed Attacking Israeli Patrol

By Edward Yeranian (Beirut)

Three pro-Iranian Hizbullah guerrillas were reported killed Thursday in a clash with an Israeli army patrol in southern Lebanon. Some reports say two Israeli soldiers were wounded in the incident.

Hizbullah guerrillas in southern Lebanon detonated an explosive device Thursday afternoon as an Israeli convoy passed by. A number of guerrillas were killed and one was taken prisoner by Israeli forces in an exchange of gunfire.

Some news reports told of several Israeli casualties in the attack. One news agency -- quoting United Nations sources --reported an Israeli helicopter evacuated the wounded Israeli soldiers.

PLO-Israel End Marathon Session

By Laurie Kassman (Cairo)

Israeli-Palestinian peace talks appear to be back on track after a marathon nine-hour meeting between top PLO negotiator Nabil Shaath and Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres. The two men met in the Egyptian resort of Alexandria to resolve some problems that were delaying efforts to expand Palestinian self-rule to the rest of the West Bank.

The two sides have untangled some snags in the process implementing self rule in Gaza and Jericho. And they have made progress on the timetable for extending Palestinian control in the West Bank in five key areas.

Peres and Shaath agreed to turn over education and cultural affairs to Palestinian control by the end of the month. They also agreed on starting safe-passage links between the Gaza Strip and Jericho. The special routes had been approved in the self-rule agreement signed last May but not yet put into practice.

Portrait of a Terrorist as a Young Man

By Roger Wilkison (Rio de Janeiro)

People who knew the international terrorist known as Carlos when he was a young student in Venezuela have contradictory impressions of the man who in later years was to inspire fear throughout Europe. Several of Carlos' acquaintances, in talking to Venezuelan news media Wednesday, painted different portraits of Ilyich Ramirez Sanchez, the name by which they knew the youth who became one of the world's most notorious terrorists.

Social Democratic Congressman Pastor Heydra, who described himself as Carlos' boss in Venezuela's Communist Youth Movement during the 1960s, called his former colleague inept and unreliable. Heydra said Carlos was shy and would never commit himself to anything. Another acquaintance from high school days, Ivan Roa, called Carlos a good student but worthless as an activist.

People who knew Carlos after he moved to Europe have a different impression of the man. Leftist Congressman Manuel Molina, who met Carlos in Moscow, said the future terrorist tried to enlist him into joining Middle Eastern guerrilla movements. Molina said that neither he nor the other Venezuelans who frequented Carlos in Moscow thought he would ever become an activist in the Palestinian movement, as he eventually did. According to Molina, Carlos was a talkative, happy-go-lucky sort, who enjoyed singing and playing the guitar. Social Christian Congressman Nelson Chitty, who knew Carlos in Paris, agreed. He said the man who became known as the jackal was intelligent, had a strong personality and loved music.

Meanwhile, a former cabinet minister denied press reports that the transition government of former President Ramon Velasquez sought to persuade Carlos to return to Venezuela. Luis Horacio Vivas Pena, who served as labor minister under Velasquez, said that in September 1993, Carlos' father, Altagracia Ramirez, asked for and was given an audience with the former President. Vivas Pena said Ramirez showed up at the presidential palace with Magdalena Kopp, Carlos' German wife and one of their children.

The former cabinet minister said the only thing Ramirez asked of the president was to grant Carlos' wife and children permanent residence in Venezuela and allow them to obtain Venezuelan citizenship. He said the foreign ministry acceded to the request for what Vivas Pena called "humanitarian reasons."

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