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Unrest in Gaza and Jerusalem

By Patricia Golan, Art Chimes (Jerusalem) & EWCnews Service

In the Gaza Strip Sunday, Palestinian gunmen opened fire on Israeli vehicles in two separate incidents, killing one Israeli and wounding several others. The radical Islamic resistance movement Hamas claimed responsibility for the attacks. The attacks follow another attack planned by Hamas in Jerusalem that was foiled by police.

The fatal attack near Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip was the second in the area in less than 12 hours. In a drive-by attack, gunmen pumped bullets into a civilian car, killing one person and seriously wounding another two.

The earlier shooting was also a drive-by attack on a main highway. Palestinian gunmen opened fire on a delivery truck and a passenger car. In both incidents the attackers fled into the newly autonomous Palestinian area in Gaza. Palestinian and Israeli police launched joint patrols to track down the gunmen.

Approximately 4,000 Israeli settlers still live in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas is opposed to the Israeli/PLO peace process, and has claimed responsibility for the attacks. A leaflet distributed in the Gaza Strip said the attacks were in retaliation for the death of a Hamas member in a shoot-out late Friday with Israeli police in Jerusalem. Police say the dead man and other Hamas gunmen were planning to kill Israeli soldiers.

Israeli opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu told Israel Television that he holds PLO Chairman Yasir Arafat responsible for not keeping Palestinian extremists in check.

Three Israeli law enforcement officers were shot and wounded Friday in an attack claimed by Hamas. One of the attackers was seriously wounded when police returned fire.

The exchange of fire in the Sheik Jarrah neighborhood, began when two police vehicles stopped a suspicious-looking car. Three policeman left their vehicles to question the occupants of the car and then came under fire. One policeman received serious injuries and the other two received moderate to light wounds.

During the exchange of fire, the terrorists fled the scene in their car. After searching for the car, police found the vehicle with one injured terrorist still inside. According to the report, a Galil assault rifle and various types of ammunition were found in the car. Authorities believe the terrorists were on their way to carry out a major attack in Jerusalem. The Hamas organization has claimed responsibility for the incident.

Hamas is one of several Palestinian groups opposed to the Israel /PLO peace process. In a message sent to international news agencies in Jerusalem, the group said it wanted to emphasize the Muslim character of what it called "occupied Jerusalem."

U.S. Develops New Proposal for Israeli-Syrian Peace Settlement

By Peyman Pejman (Cairo) & EWCnews Service

Syria appears to be toughening its position on the Middle East peace process. After meeting with Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak Sunday, Syrian Foreign Minister Farouk al-Sharaa says his government wants Israel to complete its withdrawal from the Golan Heights within months, not years, after the process begins.

Israel so far says it is willing to withdraw partially from the Golan, but has been vague about how long it would take. Israeli officials talk a period of many years.

According to officials in Jerusalem the United States has completed a new proposal for an Israeli-Syrian peace settlement. According to the plan, Israel would withdraw from the Golan Heights in three stages over two years. Formal diplomatic relations between Israel and Syria would come in the third stage and the Golan Heights would be demilitarized.

According to government sources, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin has reservations about the U.S. proposal and has reportedly asked U.S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher not to present the plan to Syria for the time being. Davar reports that Syria is willing to reach a peace settlement with Israel, including open borders and full diplomatic relations, only after a complete Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights. Syria has reportedly relaxed its position on demilitarization and is willing to accept Israel's view that all areas from which the IDF would withdraw be totally demilitarized and that Israel carries out a symbolic demilitarization in the Galilee.

Abu Nidal Terrorists Plead Guilty in St. Louis

Associated Press reports that three Palestinian immigrants accused of plotting to kill American Jews and bomb the Israeli Embassy in Washington on behalf of the Abu Nidal terrorist group have pleaded guilty to racketeering.

A fourth suspect already on death row awaits trial on federal murder-conspiracy charges in the stabbing death of his 16-year-old daughter, allegedly killed to prevent her from revealing the conspiracy.

The FBI tape-recorded him shouting "Die! Die quickly! Die, my daughter, die!" in Arabic as he stabbed her. Her mother held her down. Tawfiq Musa, 45, of Racine, Wisc., and brothers Saif Nijmeh, 35, of St. Louis, and Luie Nijmeh, 30, of Dayton, Ohio, pleaded guilty last Tuesday to one count each of racketeering. They face up to 20 years in prison at their Oct. 21 sentencing.

The three admitted involvement in a criminal enterprise that included smuggling money and information, buying weapons, recruiting members, illegally obtaining passports, obstructing investigations and helping plan terroristic acts, U.S. Attorney Edward L. Dowd Jr. said. The fourth man, Zein Isa, 63, is scheduled for trial Sept. 19.

The four faced life in prison if convicted of all charges in the six-count 1993 indictment that says they plotted to kill Jews, blow up the Israeli Embassy in Washington and kill anyone who could expose them, including Isa's daughter, Palestina.

Her 1989 death in her family's St. Louis apartment was the only slaying carried out, prosecutors said. FBI agents who had bugged the apartment to see if Isa was involved with the Palestine Liberation Organization taped the slaying.

At Isa's 1991 murder trial, prosecutors said the girl was killed because of a clash between her Americanized values and those of her devout Muslim parents. Federal prosecutors later alleged that she was killed to keep her quiet about terrorist activities she'd discovered. The girl's mother, Maria Isa, 50, was convicted but the state Supreme Court overturned her death sentence last year. She awaits a rehearing.

Neo-Nazi Demonstrations in Germany

By Evans Hays (Bonn)

Scores of neo-Nazis have been arrested in Germany and Luxembourg as they tried to mark the anniversary of the death of Hitler Deputy Rudolf Hess.

Police were braced for what they warned could turn out to be a weekend of neo-Nazi violence. But the preparations have paid off and no major violence was reported.

Dozens of neo-Nazis were detained in several eastern parts of the country as they tried to hold rallies. Several hundred leftists also demonstrated to protest right-wing extremism.

Across the border in Luxembourg, police detained dozens of neo-Nazis from Germany and France who had gathered outside the German Embassy and then went on a rampage.

Hess was tried for war crimes after Hitler's defeat and spent the rest of his life in Spandau Prison outside Berlin. He committed suicide in 1987 at age 93. His family claims he was murdered.

Hess has since become a hero to the neo-Nazi movement. Last year, the German government was embarrassed by neo-Nazi rallies to mark the Hess anniversary with little or no police intervention. This year most towns have banned a repeat of such demonstrations.

Hizbullah Pummelled by Israel Missile

By Edward Yeranian (Beirut)

Israeli forces fired a new 1,100 pound surface-to-surface missile at Hizbullah terrorist positions for the first time Thursday in southern Lebanon. Observers predicted the weapon is likely to change the nature of the conflict in Israel's self-proclaimed security zone.

Residents in the south Lebanese town of Nabatiyeh scurried for shelter late Thursday after three immense explosions raised fears of an Israeli air raid. But, security forces in Lebanon confirmed Israel had in fact fired three new surface-to-surface missiles at Hizbullah positions on a strategic mountainside.

The rocket's 1,100 pound charge is said to leave a huge crater in its wake, sending debris over 1-¬ mile radius. An official at the Lebanese Defense Ministry said the new weapon is likely to leave terrorist positions carved in mountain cliffs more vulnerable.

The Beirut daily An Nahar newspaper wrote the use of the new missile could mean a significant change in the military conflict in southern Lebanon.

South American Security Alert

By Dawn Makinson (Buenos Aires)

A national security alert has been called in Argentina because of fears of another terrorist attack in that country. The last one happened three weeks ago and killed close to 100 people. The government of Argentina continues to investigate that incident and is now setting up contingencies in the case of another bomb.

The government is asking the Argentine public to remain calm but alert. Provincial governors have been warned of possible danger and 33-hospitals have had their emergency rooms put on red alert.

The announcements come after the Israeli ambassador here warned the Argentinean president that Argentina, or its neighboring countries, could be the target of another terrorist attack. According to the Department of the Interior, the information comes from various reliable international sources.

B'nai B'rith Canada Wants Zundel Out

Toronto--B'nai B'rith Canada is dismayed that Ernst Zundel, one of the most notorious Holocaust deniers in the world, has recently applied for Canadian citizenship.

"That his propaganda is intentionally distributed from Canada is a blight on the reputation of this country," according to Brian Morris, the national president of B'nai B'rith Canada. "Mr. Zundel realized that his only option to avoid being sent back to Germany, where he is a convicted criminal, was to get a Canadian passport. We are strongly urging Ottawa to deny this request, and to rid this great country of a hatemonger whose continued presence in Canada is a daily blight on this country.

"This man does not deserve the privilege of Canadian citizenship," Morris said. "Not only would this be an affront to minority communities throughout Canada, but it would send the message to hatemongers the world over that Canada is a haven for racism. Ernst Zundel has brought dishonor to this country, and must not be allowed to stay."

Zundel, who arrived in Canada in 1958, is still a citizen of his native Germany. He is the author of "The Hitler We Loved and Why," one of many anti-Semitic books that he publishes. In addition, Zundel is the distributor of numerous Holocaust denial materials, including the Leuchter Report and the Ball Report. In recent months, he has been attempting to discredit the film Schindler's List, saying that the movie is a work of fiction devoid of any basis in fact.

Police Arrest Rioting Orthodox Jews at Excavation Site

Israeli police arrested 25 Orthodox Jews in the Jaffa neighborhood of Tel Aviv last week after a demonstration against archaeological excavations turned into a riot.

Over 100 demonstrators attacked police last Wednesday, but most of those arrested were released by evening. Religious groups claim that the remains being dug up were those of Jews.

Archaeologists at the Jaffa site say the graves being investigated are Muslim and Christian dating back to the Byzantine period. The excavations are being carried out before building several hundred new apartment buildings in Jaffa. Archaeologists are concerned that the construction will destroy all artifacts at the site.

The Jaffa excavations, like those elsewhere in Israel, are permitted by the attorney general on condition that if human remains are found at any sites, they will be transferred to the Religious Affairs Ministry for examination and burial.

D'Amato Calls for End to Autopsies on Victims of Terror

U.S. Senator Alfonse M. D'Amato (R-NY) wrote Secretary of State Warren Christopher protesting the Argentine government's policy regarding the autopsies of Jewish victims of the recent terrorist attack at the community center in Buenos Aires.

D'Amato called on the Secretary of State to assist in putting an end to "the callousness being exhibited toward the families of the victims through autopsy procedures."

The senator sent similar letters to the U.S. ambassador to Argentina, and to the Ambassador of Argentina.

Anti-Semitic Catholic Cult Banned

Austrian Bishop Reinhold Stecher has banned an anti-Semitic cult that worships a small child said to have been ritually murdered by Jews during the Middle Ages.

For over 500 years, the Catholic inhabitants of Rinn, a small community set in the mountains outside Innsbruck, have worshiped the bones of a three-year-old said to have been tortured and sacrificed by wandering Jews.

The so-called blood libel, used throughout the Middle Ages as a pretext for the persecution of Jews, "cost innumerable Jews their homes, wealth, freedom, health and life," Stecher said in his decree. The decree denied that Jews ever took part in ritual murders, adding, "This was a terrible superstition all over Europe."

Israel will Not Help to Invade Haiti, but Will Provide Humanitarian Aid

Israel will not join a U.N.-sponsored international military force for a possible invasion of Haiti.

Speaking on Army Radio, Deputy Foreign Minister Yossi Beilin said Israel was willing to send humanitarian assistance to Haiti. But he ruled out sending members of the Israel Defense Force, saying the climate in the Middle East prevented Israel from taking such a move.

"I don't think as long as there is not peace in the Middle East we can send military aid," said Beilin, adding that the United States had asked Israel to provide military, logistical or humanitarian support in case an international force were to invade Haiti.

"We responded to an appeal by the U.S. so that if and when a peacekeeping force is created for Haiti and democracy is restored, we will agree to participate in humanitarian aid to Haiti, with medical, not military, staff," Beilin said.

Despite Israel's refusal to send armed forces to Haiti, the U.S. request marked the first time that Israel has been included in U.N. planning for an international military operation.

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