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The CIA has gone casual. The spy agency's estimated 20,000 employees in Langley, Va. have been told to feel free to dress down on Fridays, at least during the hot summer months. Although the CIA has not had a formal dress code, much of its work force, notably those who are not undercover, dress as though they're on their way to a banker's funeral.

German Press Says Israel Ready to Raid Iran

According to the German weekly Der Spiegel the Israeli air force is preparing a daring raid into the training camps of the Islamic Fundamentalists in Iran. The fingerprints of the recent terrorist attacks in Buenos Aires and London point to Iran, Der Spiegel writes, and those investigating the attacks believe that the terrorists came out of a training camp in Meshed, a city in Iran which is closed to visitors who are not Moslems. According to the weekly there are hundreds of terrorists being trained there now.

German radio also reported that Israel is now in its advanced stages of preparations for a massive retaliatory attack against Iran and those elements around the world supporting it. "Zud West Punk Radio in southwest Germany reported that Israel "is fed up with the West's complacency towards the Iranian terror." According to the radio, Israel's best units are training to attack the leaders and assets of the Iranian terrorist operation.

Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin said that Israeli and American security officials will be meeting shortly to discuss anti-terrorism measures to stem the recent wave of bomb blasts and amid concern that the current wave of attacks is just the beginning. Israel last week called for tighter security at Jewish sites around the globe. The U.S. State Department said that Israeli Embassy and Consulates in 10 American cities have been put under increased security protection.

Jordanian-Israeli Eilat Border Opens to Foreigners

By Art Chimes (Israel-Jordan Border)

The new Israeli-Jordanian border crossing in the Arava just north of Eilat was inaugurated at a ribbon-cutting ceremony Monday. Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Jordanian Crown Prince Hassan and U.S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher participated in the opening.

In his speech at the ceremony, Rabin said that "Three weeks ago, the dream of peace was far away. Today it is materializing...soon it will seem as though this is the way it has always been." He added that "it looks like the walls of hostility are tumbling down before our eyes..."

Crown Prince Hassan, who quoted the Bible in Hebrew during his speech, said "the opening of this border gate demonstrates our joint commitment to make a concrete contribution to peacemaking." Hassan continued "Let this gateway be a token of our resolve that soon our peoples will be able to share, exchange and marvel at their common legacy."

After the ceremony, Rabin led an Israeli delegation, which included Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, Supreme Court Chief Justice Judge Meir Shamgar, IDF Chief of Staff Major General Ehud Barak and former Foreign Minister Abba Eban, to King Hussein's palace in Aqaba. Rabin and Hussein held a working meeting and later went on a cruise together in the Gulf of Aqaba.

At a joint press conference with King Hussein, Rabin said that invitations will soon go out for a meeting of Israeli, Jordanian and Egyptian foreign ministers that will deal with problems relating to the continuation of the peace process. The King said he hopes to visit Jerusalem in the near future, and added that the new border passage will soon be open to all Israelis.

Rabin Hits on Palestinian Procrastination

By Art Chimes (Eilat)

Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin has criticized Palestinian leaders in the self-rule areas of Jericho and the Gaza Strip for failing to get their economic situation in order. The Israeli leader said he may meet with PLO Chairman Yasir Arafat tomorrow.

Rabin criticized the Palestinians for having failed to reach aid agreements with donor countries. He told reporters the Palestinians need up to $500 million for infrastructure projects and salaries in Gaza and Jericho. If they don't get their finances in order, he said, it will be difficult for them to form economic partnerships with Israel.

Many economists believe the Gaza Strip will remain tied to the Israeli economy for some time. And Rabin warned that unless the Palestinians have a viable budget, any agreement with them, as he put it, "is not even worth the price of the paper" it is written on.

Peres Encouraged by Syrian Help

By Kyle King (Jerusalem)

Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres has credited Syria with helping to bring about an end to the recent round of Hizbullah attacks along the Israeli border in Southern Lebanon. Speaking at an impromptu session with reporters aboard Secretary of State Warren Christopher's plane as it flew back to Jerusalem, Peres said he now feels the attacks are over.

Peres said he believes the Syrians must have contributed to ending the latest round of Hizbullah attacks against Israel -- which probably began when Syria closed its eyes to them.

Peres said he had called Christopher to talks about the issue on Sunday before the secretary went to Damascus for talks with Syrian President Hafez al-Assad.

Christopher said he and Assad had a serious discussion about the issue during their marathon five-hour meeting, which the secretary described as constructive.

The secretary said he felt there was common agreement that a comprehensive Middle East peace settlement was the best way to end the tensions in Southern Lebanon.

Peres said he thought Syrian efforts to halt the Hizbullah attacks were an important gesture. But he said he did not yet think President Assad was ready for direct peace talks with Israel.

Israel Donates Water to Jordan

Israel has begun transferring 40 million cubic feet of water from the Yarmuk river to Jordan. The gift is valued at approximately two million New Israeli Shekels (about $700,000). The amount of water represents about one percent of Jordan's yearly water usage.

Israel's Water Commissioner Gideon Tzur said that Israel incurred no expense with the transfer, it only had to divert waters from the Yarmuk River. The transfer comes at the request of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin as a gesture to King Hussein and is aimed at easing Jordan's severe water shortage.

Yemen Allowing Jews to Leave for Israel

A senior Yemeni official said that Yemen has decided to allow Jews to emigrate to Israel. He added that 19 Jews from Yemen left for Israel last week and 30 more are expected to leave in a few days. The official added that 5,000 Jews are believed to be living in Yemen, a number five times larger than previously estimated. The newspaper emphasizes that this is the first time that a Yemeni government official has publicly announced that Yemen is allowing Jews to emigrate to Israel.

Holocaust Reparations Are Not Income

Washington--The Senate passed legislation last week preventing federal agencies from counting Holocaust restitution payments as income when determining eligibility for federal assistance programs.

"These payments are not income, but gifts from the people and the government of Germany who are trying to make amends for one of the darkest periods in human history," Sen. Dennis DeConcini (D-Ariz.) said.

DeConcini, who introduced the legislation in the Senate, did so after receiving a letter from Fanny Schlomowitz, an 83-year- old Holocaust survivor living in a government-subsidized one-room apartment in Phoenix. Schlomowitz wrote that her rent was to increase by four times the current amount because the Department of Housing and Urban Development considered her restitution payments as income.

Prior to the legislation, there was no law applying to all federal agencies that determined if restitution payments are income or not. President Clinton is expected to sign the bill into law later this summer.

Hess Nazi Demonstrations Banned

By Dagmar Breitenbach (Bonn)

Authorities in Germany have banned neo-Nazi groups from staging several rallies this weekend to mark the anniversary of the death of Rudolf Hess, one of Hitler's closest aides. Hess died seven years ago in a Berlin prison at the age of 93.

Authorities have banned neo-Nazi groups from gathering Saturday at the grave of Hitler's deputy, Rudolf Hess, in the small southern German town of Wunsiedel. Hess committed suicide in Spandau prison in 1987.

At least 22 other rallies to commemorate the anniversary of his death are in the planning stages. The cities of Bremen and Hanover have already banned them, and it is likely most or all of the others will be prohibited as well.

PLO Terror Cell Uncovered

A PLO-affiliated terrorist cell that was organized and operated after PLO Chairman Yasir Arafat vowed his organization had given up terror has been uncovered by the Jerusalem police. A court order prohibiting the publication of details of the case was lifted Sunday. Police turned the case over to a prosecutor, recommending that charges be brought against the 11 gang-members for nine fire-bombings and dozens of stone-throwing incidents. The terrorist group was organized by the PLO-affiliated Fatah Hawks, but included members identified with Hamas, Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said in an official statement.

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