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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 4fax0710.txt
Peace Talks Resume Today
Arafat Prepares to Make Gaza Home
Amnesty International Cites Israel
Why Arafat Didn't Visit Jerusalem
Clinton Visits Warsaw Ghetto Memorial
Sinai Archaeological Finds will be Returned to Egypt
NAACP Debates its Future newsletter: 4fax0714.txt
Terrorists Attack Israeli in Gaza
Israel Reopens Self-Rule Areas to Palestinian Officials
Christopher to Middle East for Shuttle Tour
Israel and Jordan May Open Sea Passage Between Eilat and Aqaba
Agricultural Trade Between Israel and Self-Rule Areas to Begin Soon
South Korea Joins Multilateral Talks
Member of Algerian Parliament to Visit Israel
Brief Faxx
Hussein is Teasing the Syrian Bear by Ya'akov Edelstein
Israeli Editorial Opinion newsletter: 4fax0717.txt
Cockroach Slain, Husband Badly Hurt
Palestinians Riot on Israel's Border
Rabin and Hussein Set For D.C. Meet
Preparations Take Place in Jordan
Syria Upset at Israel's Gesture
Opinion: Peace or Holocaust by Yehuda Poch newsletter: 4fax0718.txt
Blast Destroys Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires, Many Casualties
Christopher Arrives In Israel
Israeli-Jordanian Talks Begin on Border North of Red Sea newsletter: 4fax0719.txt
Search Through Rubble Continues; 28 Dead
Rabin: Attack Was Act of 'Islamic Terror'
Assad Tuesday; King Hussein Today
Palestinian Say No to Textbook Selection
Dead Sea Meeting Concludes newsletter: 4fax0720.txt
Search for Blast Victims Continues
Arab, Jew and American Meet at Dead Sea
Anti-Hitler Nazis Honored by Germany newsletter: 4fax0721.txt
Arafat Upset Over Israel's Invitation to King Hussein
Argentine Toll Reaches 40 Dead, 400 Injured, 70 Missing
Peres to Assad: We Haven't Forgotten You
Jordan/Israel Round-up newsletter: 4fax0724.txt
Rabin and Hussein Meet with Clinton
Israeli Medical Team Helping Rwandan Refugees
Argentineans Show Solidarity
PLO Tries Brings Jerusalem to Forefront newsletter: 4fax0725.txt
Israel and Jordan End State of War
Rabin and Hussein will Address Congress
Christopher Calls Agreement 'A Milestone'
Politically, It's Also Good for Clinton
Neo-Nazis Rampage at Buchenwald
Summit Fuels Hope for Profits newsletter: 4fax0726.txt
Rabin and Hussein Address Joint Houses of Congress
Israelis Approve Peace with Jordan
Japan Approves Israeli-Jordanian Accord
Peres Defends Jerusalem's Israeli Future
Bomb Explodes Outside London's Israeli Consulate
Buenos Aires Trail Leads to Venezuela
Israel Alarmed at Neo-Nazi Violence newsletter: 4fax0727.txt
Second Car Bomb Hits London's Jewish Community
Bomb in Panama
Ecstatic Rabin Flies Home to Israel
Assessing the Middle East Accord newsletter: 4fax0728.txt
Israel Will Do Utmost to Protect Israeli and Jewish Institutions
Rabin: Progress With Syria Only Through Direct Negotiations
Peres Satisfied with Syrian Foreign Minister Statement
Israel Asks U.S. for Status in NATO newsletter: 4fax0731.txt
Mubarak-Rabin Meet in Sinai
Israel Sees Eventual Syrian Breakthrough
Who Blew up the Buenos Aires Building?
Argentina Asks U.N. for Help
Holocaust Museum Secures Building
Neo-Nazis Detained in Buchenwald Attack
Former Hizbullah Chief Believes Arad is Dead
Warsaw Uprising Against Nazis Celebrated
PLO Bans Arabic Magazine Published in Jerusalem
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