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Life tends to be cyclical. Everything, fashion, music or economics -- eventually returns.

And so did Don Canaan -- from a Bronx tenement to marriage, children, success in television newsfilm, immigration to Israel, re-marriage, two more children and a return to the U.S.A. and a new facet of journalism--print.

Canaan's career dates to his appearance on Mike Wallace's NightBeat program. His news background covers four decades of history -- from 1960 until his departure from United Press International to become a Quality Editor for LexisNexis.

From 1961-1974, Canaan edited newsfilm and documentaries for NBC News in New York, and in 1974 made aliyah as part of an American group planning to settle Yamit in the Sinai.

When he returned to the  U.S. film in TV news had become an anachronism -- a victim of American technology combined with Asian ingenuity. During three years overseas, 22 years of TV journalism experience disappeared beneath a tidal wave of progress.

The Ohio State University's School of Journalism in Columbus, Ohio, came to the rescue with an offer to earn a master's degree while serving as an assistant in its TV news workshop.

Then a terrific opportunity came up at the American Israelite. Canaan was brought on board as staff writer, copy editor and photographer. He enterprised stories that brought kudos from the community. His four-part series, "Jews in Ohio's Prisons: Does Anybody Care?" received a first place award for best weekly journalism in Ohio from the State of Ohio Bar Association.

Every evening, Sunday through Thursday, Canaan compiles and edits IsraelNewsFaxx. This newsletter is sent to a selective clientele throughout the United States, as well as being posted on this website..

The midi music file, Lena from Palesteena (1920), has been purchased from Al Levy at The music is dedicated to my granddaughter, Alexis Hadassah Mercedes Canaan-Shelton.



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Starting Their Own Radio Show?

Authors Do the Craziest Things!


Mary Lois Sanders with Mark H. Newhouse & Don Canaan


When two authors, strangers, get together and create an internet radio program have they bitten off more than they can chew? May be, but award-winning authors Mark H. Newhouse and Don Canaan teamed up to produce an on-going series of radio interviews called Author’s Beat, and voilá. Author’s Beat is broadcast free on authorsbeat.


Both Mark and Don agree that they have been inspired by what they’ve learned in the process. In producing Author’s Beat, they have discovered passions and talents they never imagined, a benefit worth more than just promoting the books of their fellow authors.


Newhouse says that their already-archived 25 half-hour programs share the books and fascinating lives of authors via live and phone interviews. The stories are inspiring, humorous, and haunting, some even bringing tears to their eyes.


“It has been an amazing adventure,” Newhouse, the initially reluctant host of Author’s Beat, said. “I’m basically shy and to be able to sit with these dedicated authors for a fast-moving and interesting conversation is something I never thought I could do.”


Newhouse, a member of the Florida Writer’s Association, the Author’s Guild, SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators), the founder and past-president of the Writer’s League of The Villages, was drafted into this challenging project by fellow WLOV member, Don Canaan, who directs and produces the programs.


Canaan, a former award-winning film editor for NBC News, as well as author and journalist, has had his own website, www.IsraelNews for 21 years. Together they wanted to find new ways to publicize the books of fellow Writer’s League members.


“I felt this was a great oppor-tunity to help our members share their creativity with a wider audience and for us to interview non-Writer’s League authors so as to improve our own skills and learn from experts. We never expected that having so much fun would be so educational and personally rewarding," Canaan said.


Newhouse handles the guest lineup and reads all of the books and author biographies the week before the taping of each show, while Canaan directs and edits the program.


 “We don’t judge the books, but share them and the back story of how these authors developed their passion and overcame obstacles to produce their achievements. Our hope is to inspire children and adults to read and write more by showing how everyone has a story to share,” Newhouse said.


More than 28 authors are already on archived programs, free for listening to at any time at or Episodes include the heartbreaking memoirs of a woman who was kidnapped at age five. Another woman, although terminally ill, completed a book for children of divorce that earned a tribute from the Vatican.


“I nearly cried on the air at that one,” Newhouse said.


One author investigated the real-life mystery of a hero of World War II who saved more than 100,000 Jews from the Nazis, was subsequently imprisoned by the Soviet Union and, for all practical purposes, vanished. Canaan chose this book to commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day and the millions who died during this tragic time.


“Authors are people who care and our program tries to show this side of their humanity,” Newhouse said.

The co-producers have often been surprised at how well the interviews have gone.


“It isn’t always easy,” Canaan said. “At first some of the tech problems, like poor sound quality, timing, and other little gremlins, made it seem as if we’d never get this done, but we’re very proud of the end result—a fast half-hour glimpse at books and authors that are fun, informative and heard by more than 10,000 listeners (and increasing at a rate of about 1,000 per week). We’ve learned things about our fellow writers we never could have anticipated and our program has been cited for its content and growing popularity.”


Authors come from all backgrounds—a Cincinnati police officer turned pastor; the daughter of an alcoholic and abusive father; a wife whose husband told her he had bought a golf course in Vermont—a golf course in snow country? Anything is possible in the world of writers.


“What we’ve learned is that every author has a different reason for why they write, but one thing they all have in common is their passion for what they are doing,” Newhouse said. “It is a passion we share with them.”


“We’re not going to stop until we have every single author we can get,” Canaan said with a mischievous gleam in his eye.


Newhouse agreed, saying, “Unless Don kills me first. This is a labor of love. It is lots of preparation and work. Neither of us makes any money from this, but what we do gain is priceless.”


Newhouse summed up, saying, “As a former teacher I am amazed at how much these short programs have taught me. These writers have overcome some amazing obstacles and are a light for others to follow. We're just helping to keep that light glowing, which, in turn, keeps the light glowing inside of us as well. We hope others will feel as inspired by these programs as we do.”


You can listen in free anytime at or using your computer or smartphone. You can apply to be a guest by using the contact form on the latter website.


While new programs are posted each week, Sundays at 7:30 p.m. EST, you can listen free anytime, anywhere in the world, at As Newhouse said as he ends each show, “You may be next!”


Mary Lois Sanders, managing editor, has a Doctor of Musical Arts in Church Music. She has written for children since 1987 and been a freelance editor since 1990. She is a member of SCBWI, Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) and Florida Writer’s Association (FWA).


Mark H. Newhouse is a former Central Islip, Long Island teacher and author of the upcoming Author Marketing Checklist, The Rockhound Science Mysteries, (Teacher’s Choice Award- Learning Magazine), The Midnight Diet Club (1st Prize published YA fiction, Florida Writers Association) and other books and stories. All books are available on Visit for more information.


Don Canaan is the award-winning former film editor for NBC News and author of Horror in Hocking County, now an audiobook, Alzheimer's: Dutiful Daughter (a medical police procedural mystery with a female detective) and Dedicated Doctor or Baby Broker?, a sequel to Dutiful Daughter. The audiobook version of Dutiful Daughter will be available at Amazon in August. All books and audiobooks are available on Amazon, Kindle, Nook, Kobo and iTunes.


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