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                                                                                                                                              Dec. 9, 2016, Vol. 24, No. 233




 Snowden: UK, US Intelligence Agencies Spied on Israel

 By Israel Hayom


British and American intelligence agencies have spied on Israeli government officials, as well as on diplomats and defense industry officials the French daily Le Monde reported. The report was based on documents leaked by American whistleblower Edward Snowden. The report alleged that spying after Israel was a joint undertaking by U.K.'s Government Communications Headquarters and the National Security Agency.


Snowden, a former NSA subcontractor, made headlines in 2013 when he leaked classified information about numerous global surveillance programs. He fled the U.S. and has sought asylum in Russia. The report alleged Britain's GCHQ gathered intelligence via wiretapping and hacking Israeli diplomats' emails. One of the officials whose email account was hacked was described by the French daily as the "No. 2 in the Israeli Foreign Ministry."


The documents revealed that Israeli ambassadors in Kenya and Nigeria, as well as private companies in or involved with the Israeli military industry, had been under surveillance. None of the officials were named in the article.


The British also monitored the Israeli Agency for International Development Cooperation at the Foreign Ministry, as well as several universities research centers, specifically the Hebrew University's Racah Institute of Physics, where nuclear physics research was allegedly carried out.


Le Monde further reported that in a document from 2008 stated that "the Israelis remain a real threat to the stability of the region, in particular because of the position of this country with respect to the Iranian dossier." The documents also revealed that, other than the U.S., much of the intelligence gathered about measures involving Iran and the Palestinians was shared with other foreign intelligence agencies.


The leaked documents disclosed that the British also monitored the Palestinian Authority, as communications between Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Palestinian delegations worldwide were also found to have been hacked between 2008 and 2009.


Earlier this year, the German daily Der Spiegel reported that the GCHQ and the NSA had succeeded in collecting 18 years of drone transmissions after cracking the Israeli military's encryption for communication among fighter jets, drones and military bases, using it to monitor IDF forces in Judea and Samaria.


 Assad: Israel is Syria’s Only Enemy

 By World Israel News


In an interview to the Syrian Arabic daily newspaper Al-Watan, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that Israel is his country’s only enemy state. “Israel alone remains our enemy state,” Assad said. “He who conquers our land is an enemy state, not just a country whose leaders employ hostile policies.”


The Syrian president was referring to the “hostile policies” of Persian Gulf states such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who have provided aid and support to rebel factions fighting in Syria’s civil war. “The story is the same with the Gulf StatesSaudi Arabia and Qatar – which have taken very hostile positions and have historically been one of the reasons for Israel’s continued existence and superiority in the region,” Assad continued.


Despite the “hostile positions” taken by Saudi Arabia and Qatar against the current regime in Damascus, Assad specifically directed his criticism at the leaders of those countries, not the countries themselves. “This does not make the people of Saudi Arabia or Qatar or any other country an enemy people,” the Syrian president stressed. “Officials in these countries may have put themselves in the ‘enemies box,’ but not the state or the people. Israel occupies Syrian territory, so the issue is different."


The “occupied Syrian territory” refers to the parts of the Golan Heights region that were won by Israel during the Six-Day War in 1967 in which Syria attacked the Jewish state.



Activist Urges Probe of 'Trial' Circumcisions on Ethiopian Babies

 By Israel Hayom


Former Knesset member Pnina Tamano-Shata (Yesh Atid) is calling for an investigation into the members of the Israeli rabbinate who encourage trainee mohel to "practice" on babies of Ethiopian extraction and babies of foreign laborers in Israel without having received proper training.


The issue came to light this week in a Channel 2 expose that revealed the contemptuous attitude of some rabbis in Israel toward the Ethiopian-Israeli community. The report caught Rabbi Eliyahu Assulin of Hadera saying on camera that trainee mohels should practice on Ethiopian babies, which he referred to as "cannon fodder -- the best."


The report set off a stormy debate in the Knesset Immigrant Absorption and Diaspora Affairs Committee on Monday, in which committee chairman Avraham Neguise (Likud) called the facts that came to light "a new low in discrimination against the [Ethiopian] community, which is portrayed as a weak community ... this matter must be investigated, and those guilty put on trial, but the Health Ministry is evading responsibility."


Rabbi Pinchas Frenkel, the Health Ministry official responsible for overseeing religious matters, stressed that a ritual circumcision was not considered a "medical procedure" and therefore the Health Ministry and the Chief Rabbinate were jointly responsible for overseeing it.


Tamano-Shata attended the committee meeting, making an impassioned call to investigate the allegations: "There needs to be an investigative committee! Let the rabbis come and explain what they think of us! Who gave them permission? Why do they have a monopoly [on circumcision]? I want to know why! If it was European Jews, the media would be making noise. But what does it matter? It's Israel, it's black people, what does it matter? Who even cares? No one cares!"


In an interview with Israel Hayom, Tamano-Shata said: "I can't believe that after the babies were hurt -- there is evidence -- no one has done anything. That isn't my country; these aren't the Jewish values on which I was raised. "If we don't know how to take care of the rights of the weakest populations, what are we worth? Babies must not be exposed to danger because of the color of their skin," Shata declared.


"For a week I've been traveling around my country, and waiting to hear that there's been a follow-up, that the relevant ministers are addressing it, that an investigation has been launched. I myself went and filed a complaint with the police, but no one is doing anything. Unfortunately, the decision-makers are detached from the public.


"It is unacceptable that people, because they aren't Jewish, are subject to 'experiments' that hurt babies. My shouts [in the Knesset committee] came as a mother, as a Jewish woman, who is no longer willing to be a victim," she said.


Tamano-Shata noted she was happy that the clip of her outburst in the Knesset had gone viral, as it proved that there were people in Israel who cared about others and about the struggles of the Ethiopian community in particular. The former lawmaker called upon both chief rabbis to make it clear that no harm must come to babies, regardless of the color of their skin or their religion. "But everyone is keeping their mouths shut. ... The rabbinate is still doubtful about our status as Jews," she said. "My pain as a mother needs to be felt in every home in Israel that believes in Jewish values and loves its country."


 Haredi Youths Train for All-Haredi Paratrooper Unit


Forty-five haredi youths participated this week in a preparatory program for the "Haredim Tzanhanim" (Hetz) unit, an all-haredi paratroopers unit. Applicants to the security services spent two days in preparation for consideration for the unit. The preparation included workshops, mental and spiritual preparation, classes in Krav Maga, and lessons in Jewish and Israeli history in the community of Beit Meir. The youths met paratroopers, including commanders, soldiers performing their mandatory service, soldiers in the reserves and IDF rabbis.


The paratroopers brigade will enlist new soldiers on December 19. Basic training will last four months, and will be followed by a further four months of advanced training. At the end, the soldiers will receive the red beret of the paratroopers.


Security Minister Avigdor Liberman said: "Integrating the youth from the haredi community into the IDF is not only an important element in strengthening the integration [of the haredi community] into the [larger] population and increasing their contribution to society. It is an important element in strengthening Israeli society and unity [as a whole]. The first formation of the Haredim Tzanhanim is another milestone, which joins the service of hundreds of haredim" in other units. He said that the Defense Ministry would continue to work towards the increased recruitment of haredim to the IDF.


In a related story, the head of haredi recruitment in Bnei Brak was threatened by extremists against the recruitment of haredim to the IDF. A note was pinned to the door of Mendy Katz, threatening him if he did not cease recruitment efforts among the haredi community. "To Mendy Katz, hunter of the neighborhood," the letter read, "if you desire a peaceful life, cease your work and stop secularizing our community. You will pay for everything in heaven!"


The letter claims that Katz pretends to be religious to fool haredim and says that eating pork would be preferable to Katz's activities. "We know all about you." the letter continues. "Keep your sidelocks under your kippah. This letter is designed to bring you to repentance." Katz has been harassed by extremists in the past. This is the first time that he has been threatened, however.


Poll: Israelis Love Their Internet, Enamored with Online Romance

 By Israel Hayom


Israelis have embraced the digital era, with 90% using the WhatsApp mobile messaging app, according to a report on internet use nationwide published Wednesday by Bezeq telecommunications group. The report reviews Israeli internet usage and behavior and is based on in-depth research conducted in conjunction with the TNS global market research institute among 1,000 respondents, including teens.


According to the report, 38% of internet users met their current romantic partners online, compared to 32% in 2014. But the people surveyed were also aware of the cost of being constantly plugged in: Over three-quarters (77%) of respondents said that because of smartphones and the internet, we don't spend enough time talking with the people we are closest to.


Other negative aspects of online culture also came to light, according to the survey: 2016 saw an increase in the amount of online "shaming," with 70% of respondents saying they had witnessed it, 10% more than in 2015. One out of every five users had their email, Facebook, or other online accounts hacked. But despite the increase in online shaming and the number of hacking incidents, the report indicated that over 50% of youth still keep potentially embarrassing pictures on their smartphones, compared to 7% of users age 55 and over.


One-third of respondents said they did nothing when confronted with shaming posts or images on social media, whereas 22% said they deleted them immediately, 12% said they discussed such cases and 13% shared them.


The report also revealed that in 2016, some 6.4 million Israelis were internet users. Approximately one-third watch movies and TV shows online on their computers or mobile devices. The report also said that it was hard for Israelis to unplug, even while on vacation: most respondents said that when traveling abroad, they preferred to purchase roaming internet packages rather than roaming phone service.



Jew Forced to Counterfeit Banknotes by Nazis Dies at 99



Adolf Burger, a Holocaust survivor who was forced by the Nazis to counterfeit British banknotes during WWII, has died in Prague at the age of 99, his family said. Burger, a native of Slovakia, was a typographer by profession. He was arrested in 1942 for producing false baptism records for Jews scheduled for transports to Nazi extermination camps, and was deported to Auschwitz.


In 1944, Burger was selected to take part in Operation Bernhard, a Nazi effort to destabilize the British economy by flooding the country with forged pound banknotes. He was moved to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp where he worked in a special section of the camp devoted to the counterfeiting operation.


“I thought somehow I would survive Auschwitz, but was sure I was a dead man in Sachsenhausen,” Burger said. “The Nazis planned to kill us so we would never tell anyone what they were doing,” Burger told JTA in 2008. He was eventually liberated by the U.S. Army in May 1945.


After the war, Burger settled in Prague. His memoirs, titled “Number 64401 Speaks,” were first published in 1945. He later rewrote his story, which was released in 1983 under the title “The Commando of Counterfeiters.” The Austrian-German film “The Counterfeiters,” based on Burger’s memoirs, won the 2007 Academy Award for best foreign language film.









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Why Jews don't believe that Jesus is the Messiah


By Frances Bernay-Cohen

I can't speak for you, but my grandparents came to the United States to find a refuge from "change." They came to The United States where their basic freedoms were guaranteed by the Constitution; where they could build a future on this solid ground.

Whether our forefathers and forI'm sure you will find some truth in this song.






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Air France flew from the U.S. to Israel during the early 1950s. They flew Lockheed Constellations and the flying time was 20 hours.

This promotional film - in English for an American audience - shows Israel as it was three years after the War of Independence .

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 Paradise Regained, Paradise Lost

By Don Canaan (Commentary)

This year marked the 34th anniversary of the return of the Sinai by Israel to Egypt--a day of mourning by many of the 2,000 settlers who settled and later were forcibly evacuated by Israeli authorities under the command of Ariel Sharon, from the seaside city of Yamit on the Mediterranean.

Yamit was former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan's dream--a projected seaport and city of 250,000 founded on the Sinai sand dunes overlooking date palm trees and the blue Mediterranean--a populated buffer between the Gaza Strip and Egypt on the other side of the Suez Canal.

Some alternate historians say Moses and the children of Israel passed near the site of Yamit 3,500 years ago as they wandered for 40 years through the Sinai Desert on their way to the proverbial land of milk and honey.

Since April 25, 1982 only the whine of the desert wind weaves its currents through the crevices of destroyed homes, businesses and monument--a memorial to the young men who died during the 1967 Six Day war.

Christians, Jews and Muslims died during three Arab-Israeli wars and battles that took place in the Sinai in 1956, 1967 and 1973--Egyptian and Israeli--young people who fought and died in that desolate, forsaken desert wasteland.

The modern-day chariot carrying Egyptian President Mohammed Anwar al-Sadat hugged the intermittently green coastline of Sinai on its historic mission to Jerusalem. Israelis glancing upward into the clear night sky saw merely a jet banking gently to the northwest.

Official Israeli government policy was that the settlers had to be removed and the army came and forcibly removed the remaining diehard residents. The Jerusalem Post described the scene: Apocalypse had arrived in Yamit and in the dust and noise and destruction one could wander freely. Dozens of bulldozers and giant mobile air hammers were loose in the city like a pack of predatory beasts."

April 25, 20011 marked the 29th anniversary of Israel's withdrawal from Yamit and Sinai and a cold peace between long-term enemies.

That gift of peace silently glided overhead as the Sabbath disappeared and the stars appeared. At 8:01 p.m. Sadat's jetliner landed at Ben-Gurion Airport and the first minutes of a then potential peace came to the Middle East.

Old enemies became new friends. The crowds roared its approval when Sadat shook hands with Moshe Dayan. A person standing nearby, according to the Jerusalem Post, said Sadat told Dayan, "Don't worry Moshe, it will be all right."

The peace treaty between the two nations was signed on March 26, 1979 and on April 25, 1982; the events that had started on a November day at Camp David came to fruition. Sinai was returned to Egypt. Yamit was bulldozed to the ground. But Anwar Sadat did not live to see that day. He had been assassinated seven months before.



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